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    Summer Scouting

    I’ve heard a lot of people say this but never explained why. Is it because there tends to be forest floor growth that is a good source?
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    Skre Solace is now in stock with new features

    Well, dang those are some good changes. To confirm, is the Ptarmigan also 1.5” longer? I’m curious too about the weight as the website shows the same weight, there has to be an increase with the extra length and down. The full zip merino pants are probably going to get my money 😬
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    Backpack Recommendation for 4-5 day Hunts

    Do you have regular backpacking experience? I ask because your level of experience might dictate how dialed your gear is and how much pack you need. Many people could do this trip with a 3500-4000 cu in pack. Others need 5000-6000. Generally speaking, a MR Metcalf, Exo 3500, 4800, or 5200, or...
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    Increase in Political Arguing & Banter?

    Agree with the OP. Up until a few months ago, this was pretty much the only place online I could go that was JUST outdoors stuff. It was nice. I’ve seen other forums for the outdoors or similar communities turn into nothing but sociopolitical arguing, and the reason the forum exists becomes...
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    Scouting services ??

    There’s a guy on FB named David Neil’s that does this. I considered using him, but we weren’t sure what unit we were going to so it wasn’t really an option. Plus work was really slow at the time so I had tons of time to research and scout myself. Got within bow range of elk five of seven days...
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    4 Must-Try States for Hunting Whitetail!!!

    Two of those states rank in the bottom 8 for percentage of public land 🤔
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    Sitka Camo Pattern For Elk

    It doesn’t matter. Buy whatever is on sale.
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    Kifaru supertarp vs paratarp?

    24 ounces with the annex and 35 ounces with all the stakes feels a bit on the heavy side for what it is (tarp shelter). Are you using this somewhere that has severe weather? There are other options that weigh less and don’t require as many stakes. You may have to get a stove jack sewn in on...
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    Car camping tent

    The first thing I think about when you say one piece and fast setup are the Kodiak Canvas tents, but the cheapest one is probably $400. I can’t picture a synthetic material tent that would have a floor but not have a fly. That would be tough to pull off without having condensation issues.
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    Car camping tent

    Is this something that needs to withstand wind or a snow load? Also, what is cheap to you? If elk hunting forums have taught me anything, it’s that people have very different ideas of what cheap means.
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    Colorado Senate Bill 21-150

    36% of Colorado is owned by the federal government. 65% of the forested area of the state (which is basically 80% of everything west of the front range) is owned by the fed. I don’t buy the “animals are ours” argument for state residents. They are “ours” (US Citizens). These federal lands were...
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    Colorado Senate Bill 21-150

    This is just getting ridiculous... These states don’t even own the vast vast majority of land where these hunts happen and where the animals live. It is private property or owned by the federal government (i.e. US citizens). It is non-residents that pay federal taxes that allow these areas to...
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    Best UL Bivy paired with Seek Outside DST

    I got the Borah Bug bivy for this purpose though I kind of wish I did the EE Recon instead for the wind and splash protection it has at the ends. It is more expensive. That said, instead of using a flat tarp, I got a Warbonnet Ground tarp. It’s kind of hybrid. You can use it with many of the...
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    Clarification on Colorado Turned In Limited Licenses

    You get a preference any time your first choice doesn’t get selected. Whether or not you get a second choice is irrelevant. The question might be can you return that tag for a refund though? That said, how many units actually have actually awarded a second choice tag? I’m guessing just a...