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    Zeroing issues

    Honestly, that sounds more like a shooter issue, rather than a scope or gun issue. The Tikka is a pretty light firearm and if you are shooting heavy loads, the recoil is pretty stout. If the first one always goes where you want it and subsequent shots start going wonky, my first inclination is...
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    What's your EDC knife?

    My current one is a Kershaw Boilermaker. I like the open-assist and the blade shape seems to work better for me than some of the others. I also like that it doesn't have scales. Not that I don't like scales, it is just nice to have one less thing to worry about coming loose, chipping, etc.
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    Suppressor wait times

    Yep, with eForms, the "actual stamp" is emailed to you and your dealer. As soon as that comes in, you can go pick up. Plus, it is easier to maintain. I have all of mine stored in the cloud, so as long as I have my phone and service, I have my forms with me.
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    Favorite EDC 9mm

    Spring/Summer = Kahr TP9 Fall/Winter = Browning HiPower
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    Lightest Tikka bottom metal

    Pretty sure the factory option is probably the lightest.
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    SKRE Extreme Gear Giveaway

    An early season “must have” for me is breathable rainwear. I hunt mostly in the eastern part of the US so humidity is still quite high in the early season to the point where I will actually wear rainwear when getting into my spot in the mornings because everything is so covered with dew that if...
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    McGowen Lead Time

    The last one I got took 9.5 weeks from order to delivery. (R700 prefit - Fluted and threaded .260" finished at 20")
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    What is you hunting suppressor?

    For a straight hunting suppressor, it is hard to beat the SilencerCo Harvester. Easier on the wallet that most, and it is super light and suppresses well.
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    Suppressor wait times

    I am not saying this is the case every time, but every one that I have dug into has been a problem on the Dealer side, not SS, in regards to delays. SS did have issues with their software that was changing things, specifically citizenship, after the fact that caused some denials, but the delays...
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    Boulder Colorado Gun Ordinances

    Yeah, sounds like it is time to move.
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    T/C Contender Stocks and Barrels?

    If you want adjustable, the Choate is really the only offering out there for the Contender. Also, if you have a G2, that stock won't work on it. If you are familiar with the various versions of the Contender frame, disregard. If you are not, Google is helpful, or just shoot me a PM or tag me...
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    Why is .338 wm ammo impossible to find?

    The main reason is that most bullet manufacturers only make one or two runs of .338 bullets every year. If I were to guess, those runs have not happened in the past two years as they are making double (or more) runs of .308, 6.5, and .223 just meet the demands of the rounds that take those...
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    Suppressor wait times

    My e-file was submitted on 2/4/2022. Got the approval email today (6/8/2022). This was using my NFA trust with two responsible parties.
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    E-Form4 information

    Got my approval today. E-Filed 2/4/2022. Trust with two responsible parties.
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    Sold Zermatt big horn origin short action

    That is correct.