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    WTS PSE EVL34 Tan 70#

    2021 PSE EVL34 Purchased May 2021 One stand hunt Approximately 600 shots Factory Strings Condition 9/10 Right Hand 60-70# Optional with Rest, sight and stabs NOT available. Factory grip included. $780 Bare Bow Shipped/Insured Covered Price is Firm $930with Hamskea Hamskea Trinity Right...
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    1099k Paypal/Venmo Tax requirements for 2022

    That’s what I’m hoping!
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    1099k Paypal/Venmo Tax requirements for 2022

    How do you think people will handle this going forward for ‘22 while selling/buying things using p2p transactions services such as Paypal,Venmo,Cashapp,Zelle and many more? I am reading this right am I? It used to just be small businesses who had to file, sounds like it’s everyone now...
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    WTS Sitka Aerolite Vest

    Given as a early Christmas gift, just not my cup of tea. Tags still attached $180 Shipped Large/Black
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    WTS SKB 3i-3614 Bow Case

    Used only a few times, no flights or anything hard on it. It’s been under a bed most of its life. Will fit most bows up to a 36” axle to axle. Best one if seen for flying. 3i-3614 I believe is the model number Live in Colorado Springs but I work in Loveland. $200 Local pick up only
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    WTS Border Tempest 19” Riser

    Border Tempest 19” Riser Wilderness Green Anodized( think that was the name) Right Hand RCore Mid Masters Grip Adjustable Strike Plate(New) Weight set with 300g weight Unopened Horseshoe packet Maybe 30 shots on it. I just prefer my black widow. Three small blemishes, everything else is...

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