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    You asked for it...
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    chains for snow, what do you use, especially 4runner or tacoma people

    Wow, that's rough. For my truck I drive on them and wrap them around the front tires, add rubber thingys, and voila! Front is chained up. I've never owned a truck where it was difficult to get the front done.
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    Back country Bipod

    I went to buy Javalin tripods for my kids and I really wanted to like them. I was going to buy two pairs and another in the future depending on how they performed. However, the shop owner talked me out of them. They are too short to shoot from sitting so getting above grass can be tricky. And...
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    chains for snow, what do you use, especially 4runner or tacoma people

    I've used with good luck. They have good prices and service.
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    chains for snow, what do you use, especially 4runner or tacoma people

    The v bar chains help with lateral traction for side hills. I wouldn't bother with cables. And try them out before you go counting on them to make sure they fit. The spider bungees are great.
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    What pistol do you carry in the back country?

    I've been thinking of this but I was worried about the accuracy of the lcrx. Is it feasible to make 10 yd shots like grouse are willing to provide?
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    What pistol do you carry in the back country?

    44 mag 329pd. I put a tritium front sight on as well as a crimson trace grip. Happily, the laser sight works and has maintained accuracy after hundreds of shots.
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    Odd Question

    I'm curious: why would any of that be suspected or assumed?? Really, who do you think that last line applies to?
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    Advice After First Elk Hunt

    Your water solution was mentioned straight away. Boil water at night before bed and throw a Nalgene of boiling water in the bottom of your sleeping bag about 1/2 hr before bed. Your bag will be warm and instead of having to warm it up you will be in heaven and your water will be thawed in the...
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    Campers, Toy Haulers, towing them - school me, please

    You can pull a smaller bumper pull without trouble with a 1/2 ton but with some limitations. You will take longer getting where you are going. If you want a bigger trailer I'd go with a larger truck. Forget about a 5th wheel with a 1/2 ton. You won't need a diesel unless you just can't live...
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    Asking where you hunt

    I'm actually not sure. He might fall into your latter set. If I were in his position I would be careful not to be mistaken as being from the former set because that would be a pretty douchy move.
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    Wiser Precision Trekking pole mount

    Btw, the "thumbs up" was not exactly in reference to the new shooting rest system, but for her younger siblings who still hadn't left for school when she took the elk. We had hiked since 4am and actually had cell service from this mountain top. With regards to the Quick-Stix, it was a happy...
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    Wiser Precision Trekking pole mount

    I threw her headband in the ring here: She's been having a good season and is quickly running through her tags.
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    2019 Best Bull Elk Hunt Photo Contest, sponsored by Kifaru

    This is my 12 yr old daughter's first elk. We began from the ridge in the background before she took this bull at sunrise and she never complained all day. It's my favorite bull.
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    Wiser Precision Trekking pole mount

    I just got a set and my 12 yr old put them to work on her first bull. This is a good product and a lot slicker than the Velcro strap I used to use for the purpose. I had a little trouble with the website but the owner took care of it and I received them quickly.