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    Sold Swarovski 65MM 20-60x STS HD

    Sorry, no idea on the make of the cover. It only has a made in the USA tag on it. I think I bought it on amazon, but on a quick search couldn't find the same thing. It's nothing fancy but did a good job protecting the scope.
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    Sold Swarovski 65MM 20-60x STS HD

    Selling a like new Swarovski spotting scope. I bought it new before the 2016 hunting season and have used it sparingly on some western hunts. If it wasn't in my pack wrapped in the neoprene sock (generally wrapped in a jacket) it was in the hard case in the pictures below. The Glass is...
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    I use the national geographic TOPO! Software to save images of quad level maps then stitch them together in Photoshop. It takes a bit of time but allows me to have a custom quad with all my notes and waypoints from scouting plotted on it. I print it off at kinkos then use clear contact paper to...
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    What is your mountain hunting boot of choice?

    Kenetreck Mtn extreme, non-insulated. Zero break in time, most comfortable boot I have ever owned, full lateral support; you will go down with a heavy load before they let you roll an ankle, full wrap around rand; I'm on season 4 (I hunt and scout big game in the backcountry of Colorado 45+...
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    Success but not quite

    You will be amazed at how tough they are and how far they can travel even after loosing what seems like buckets of blood. Last year I shot a bull a little forward, great blood trail, multiple 10" puddles of blood where he had stopped, bloody hoof prints for a while only to diminish to a drop...
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    Caffeine addict who hates coffee

    I use a pre-workout supplement called 1M.R. That gets me going early every morning. It's a powder you add to water, but just like Aron said you better have a plan before drinking it. There is also a powder drink called zip fizz that is comparable to red bull but in a powder form too.
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    Bear Spray or Glock 10mm?

    When you draw the 10 mm you won't have to worry about wind. What are you more likely to practice with before hand? Don't assume you will just wander into the woods and be proficient because its on your hip. Even a bluff charge is scary and you need to be able to react on auto pilot to the...
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    what water filter are you packing these days?

    I have been using the Sawyer complete two bag system for two years now. I'll never pump creek side again. In places where the water is shallow, I have just dug out the stream bed a bit, let it clear up then used my pan to dip water out into the bag. I rigged up a hose for a secondary dirty...
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    how many trips to get one out?

    If the horses are still in camp, one trip. If not, three guys still one trip just a bit more work and razzing the shooter all the way to the truck. Goodgrouper: how do those horses do off trail? Not necessarily deadfall, just forest? Overall how well do they do in the mountains? I have a...
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    Jetboil or not

    I am considering getting one of these, I am currently running a MSR pocket rocket and snow peak titanium pot. I believe my current setup is lighter than a jetboil oz for oz. However, the pocket rocket is slightly slower to boil and much less fuel efficent so over a 10 day trip the jetboil may...
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    What to use for training weight?

    I picked up a 70 lb weight vest a couple of months back. It was around $200, part of my decision was it keeps a much more expensive pack on the shelf in the garage. The vest can easily be thrown in the washing machine when it gets funky. With the weight in front and back, it feels heavier...
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    train to hunt

    I have been doing the train to hunt program since October, its an a*s kicker every time. Personally, I have grown to like just showing up at the gym and having a program for that day ready made. I have been lifting/working out consistantly for the last 17 years, never with a trainer, always...
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    Trekking Poles

    I always mocked my buddies for using them calling them old man sticks, I tried them this season and was impressed. I likened it to adding 4 wheel drive and a turbo to a 2 wheel drive pickup. My buddies tease me about being 1/2 goat anyhow, they didnt like the idea of going faster uphill, I...
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    Looking for a workout that incorporates weights and running for archery!

    Sam, Do research here and other hunting sites like You will find more reading material than you have time for. Personally, I am currently using a subscription service at The workouts are tough and some incorporate shooting arrows into the workout. Not to...