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    Sold Western Mountaineering Antelope bag 6'6" 5deg.

    I'm selling my Western Mountaineering Antelope sleeping bag. Weight is: 2pounds / 13 ounces. The bag is a right side zip in 6'6" length and rated to 5 degrees F. This is a Gore tex - DryLoft mummy bag w/ 7" loft. The Antelope Bag has had minimal use and is in great condition. No rips...
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    Archery elk hunting Montana.

    Since you are coming to Western Montana in September to archery hunt I would take the ATV and fat tire bike. One snowstorm could make the Ebike virtually useless. Plus…you will be limited to motorized trails anyway unless on BLM land. No sense letting an ATV pass you going up the hill When you...
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    Side arm for bear protection….?

    We got big bears around here. I carry a 4 7/8” .500 Linebaugh. I can shoot 1/2” one shot groups all day long!
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    Sold Fjall Raven Vidda Pro Ventilated NWOT 33-34” Regular

    I have the same pants. Great quality and very durable. GLWS……
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    Sold Black Diamond Bibler Tent-2 person Ahwahnee

    Price drop……$300 plus actual shipping costs.
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    Vote on the 2021 Best Elk Photo, sponsored by Kifaru

    Great photos. They all make me wish it was September again.
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    First hunt in grizzly country recap

    I agree with the above.” I’ll take grizzlies over private land any day” I used to be afraid of grizzlies while sneaking around bow hunting in Montana. Every time I saw one we both went the opposite direction with out conflict. Now granted I never got within 100 yards of the Grizz. What really...
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    Daypack without belt

    My HPG Umlindi pack gets double duty use. Without belt for fast and light trips. Put the belt on for more serious loads when more weight or pockets needed. I really like the Umlindi pack belt less when riding my mtn. bike and needing to carry extra gear over what my HPG Tarahumara can hold.
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    Modern Hunting Knife Shootout, By Dioni Amuchastegui

    Great to hear that a few company’s still stand behind their product. I’ll be adding a new knife to my kit this year and will be seriously considering an Argali knife. Thanks for the write up!
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    Sold Black Diamond Bibler Tent-2 person Ahwahnee

    TTT……Bomber 4 season free standing tent……..
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    Sold Western Mountaineering PUMA sleeping bag

    Sold……Thanks Dukxdog. PM replied.
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    Sold Western Mountaineering PUMA sleeping bag

    WM website claims 10 x 20” but I can get it smaller using a compression stuff sack.
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    Western Mountaineering vs. Feathered Friends

    I have and use both. For backpacking / hunting I like the WM bag because of their fabric choices. In my campervan I love the rectangular FF bag. Wife has a FF bag for backpacking and she loves it. Flip a coin - you can’t go wrong either way