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    Let’s see/hear what’s in your quiver this year

    SEVR 1.5" 125 grain on Gold Tip Pro Hunters. Arrow weight 462 going 291 fps.
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    Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus vs. Benelli Super Black Eagle III

    Get the gas gun. Heavier = better swing on waterfowl and less felt recoil. It takes less than two minutes and no special tools to clean one. The "harder to clean" line might have been true years ago, but the A400 or a Browning gas gun like the Gold/Maxus/Winchester SX3 line is ridiculously...
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    Talk me out of a fast eddie double pin

    A little late to the show, but will add some experience with the SH Fast Eddie double pin .019. I've hunted it for 5 years except for one season when I cheated on it and ran a 5-pin Montana Black Gold Pure 75. Pros for SH Fast Eddie: Beast of a sight. Dare I say unbreakable. I have fallen...
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    Has anyone gone from sliders back to fixed?

    I've debated this question a little over the years and keep drifting back to a 5- or 3-pin slider for two main reasons: Ability to train at longer distances to focus on form and arrow performance Ability to dial in yardage at 3D and local broadhead league where I'm proofing my EQUIPMENT and...
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    Merino wool brand?

    First Lite has held up for me. I'm still rocking some raggedy Chama hoodies bought back in 2015. I have not purchased any since the Rinella buyout so am unsure if quality remains the same or has fallen as can happen in acquisitions. Some icebreaker stuff has lasted a while, although it...
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    Still Hunting Whitetail

    I dorked around with still hunting whitetails back in South Carolina when I was first starting to hunt at age 24 -- bow, shotgun, and rifle. Got on a few deer, but never killed one in that situation. My only chances from the ground came from posting up on natural high points and either shooting...
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    Why NOT a Tikka?

    I jumped on the Tikka train last year when I drew a rifle tag after bowhunting since moving to Oregon. Mostly, I wanted to try shooting a left handed rifle for the first time (I'm left eye dominant, right handed) to see if that approach feels better in field conditions. Tikka offer LOTS of left...
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    WTS Tikka superlite barrel and stock

    Is this stock from a T3 or T3x?
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    What vanes do you all use?

    Either Bohning X3 2.25" for mechanical sor AAE Max Stealth for fixed head -- both with left helical on Arizona EZ fletch. Shot Blazers for years off and on but wanted something a little lower in profile. The X3 vanes are stiff and quiet and seem to be stabilizing SEVR 1.5 broadheads out to...
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    What packs are all you gram weenies using?

    Stone Glacier 40/56. Have used for 4 years and it's one of the lightest elk-capable packs out there. The Terminus looks awesome but most of my packouts are for elk so need the beefier 40/56. Sometimes I wish I had an external pocket for a bugle tube, trekking poles to nestle in and have looked...
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    Sight Upgrade

    Gillingham said Spot Hogg doesn't have a true first axis adjustment -- it does have a great 3rd axis adjustment. For first axis, you mostly need this if you shoot the bow with any sort of natural cant. Gillingham does. Levi says he does. Spot Hog's sight (and many others) are machined so that...
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    20 gauge recommendations?

    +1 to Macintosh's suggestion to still consider a 12 gauge. With an O/U, Maxus, or A400 platform you should be able to still shoot 7/8 oz sporting clay loads with no issues. Those loads with a 7-8 pound gun will produce less recoil than a standard 7/8 oz 20 gauge load in some of the ultralight...
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    20 gauge recommendations?

    20 gauge gas semi-auto will be nicest on your shoulder, especially if you intend to do any high-volume shooting like sporting clays. One idea is to add a weighted end cap from Briley for further recoil reduction and put a little weight in the buttstock if you need to balance things out. Can't do...
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    Bare shaft question

    I must have missed somehow that the OP is a trad shooter? All rules and conventions are different. Just to clarify everything I said above is what I do for compound bows. For trad bows (used to shoot one, it's been a while) I've got no idea what distance you want to shoot a BS!
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    Bare shaft question

    Depends on your skill level and use case. For all my bows, I bare shaft tune through paper to about 20 yards to get a starting tune and make sure all my arrows are behaving the same. Then I'll shoot bare shafts to 20, 30 and 40 yards during the tuning process to watch how my form and the bow...