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    WTB Nosler Partition + Accubond 30cal 165

    Quote Sorry, thought you were looking for ammo and not bullets.
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    WTB Nosler Partition + Accubond 30cal 165

    Check They've got several different calibers in stock and not at ridiculous prices.
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    WTB 300 WSM Nosler Trophy 180 AB’s

    They now have 180 gr Trophy Copper and Nosler Partition.
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    WTB 270 WSM Ammo has 270 wsm Fusion, Accubond and Balistic Tip in stock on their website.
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    Tripod Recommendations

    Take a look at the Promaster XC-M 522CK carbon fiber with two heads at Cameraland. Joel can take care of you. I have it and like the fact that it collapses to 12 inches and is light.
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    WTB 300 WSM Nosler Trophy 180 AB’s

    If it helps, has 165 gr Nosler Partition and 165 gr Barnes TSX in 300wsm in stock. No 180 gr.
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    Links to ammo currently available online:

    They also have 270 Trophy Copper, 308 and 300WSM at pretty close to pre-covid prices. Good find Mac7!
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    Savage 110 - What stock is this?

    Looks like a Bell & Carlson Savage sporter style
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    Rokslide Member Promo Codes

    Does anyone know of a Lathrop & Sons code? I would rather not pay $15 to have a pair of insoles mailed to me. Thanks.
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    Lathrop & Sons Code

    Does anyone have a discount code for Lathrop & Sons? I'd rather not pay $15 to have a pair of insoles mailed to me. Thanks.
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    Do Crispi Guide boots go on sale?

    Blackovis runs a sale on Crispi every year about the time of black Friday.
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    Kuiu merino zip off bottoms. You will thank me the first time you get hot and want to shed them. Why Sitka has not figured out zip off bottoms in beyond me.
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    NON Merino Base Layers

    I smell like a dead goat by noon wearing Under Armour hunting. Sitka core baselayers don't stink quite as bad for me. I use merino for the most part, especially the bottoms. You might look at Smartwool or Farm to Feet on socks.
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    Rain gear upgrades

    In my opinion, any of the above would be an upgrade over the Cabelas. The Dewpoint lives in my pack. Light, doesn't take up much space and makes a good wind shell when needed. My opinion of Cabelas goes down every time I go in there. It's not what it used to be.
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    Rain gear suggestions? Rockies

    Sitka Dewpoint lives in my pack. Lightweight and doesn't take up much space.