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    Anyone purchased anything from Greentoe?

    If it sounds too good to be true....
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    Crispi's.... anyone else have this problem?

    I've used mine in everything and haven't had an issue. Make sure you change out the insoles. Boot makers put the cheapest insole they can find in their boots because they know everyone is going to switch them out with Superfeet, Lathrop&Sons, etc
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    Searching for a new boot

    Or just get the Nevadas if they fit your feet. My feet like them and I have had zero issues with them.
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    Woman's Marino base layers.

    My wife uses the First Lite bottoms and likes them. I'm sure it's a fit thing or whatever makes them try on 30 pairs of jeans.
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    Attach Pant vs Mountain Pant

    Mountain pants definitely warmer than the Ascent pants. The Ascent will get you from August 1 through October 31 with a baselayer in the cooler weather. IMHO Kuiu Attack pants are about the best do it all pant that I have used.
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    Which company has the best base layers

    Definitely merino. Kuiu zip off ultra merino bottoms will change your life. Kuiu and Blackovis on the merino.
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    Knife recommendations

    I have had the same knife with the guthook for at least 30 years and it has cleaned a ton of animals. Great knife but it is definitely not on the light side of things.
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    Knife recommendations

    Benchmade Hidden Canyon Hunter is a little blade that can do big blade stuff. Holds an edge and is very sharp.
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    Chicken Leg Boot Gaiters

    +1 on using gaiters. I use Kenetrek gaiters and from mid-season on I've got them regardless of weather.
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    Anybody have experience with Skulls Unlimited?

    They did my black bear skull and it turned out awesome. Highly recommend Skulls Unlimited.
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    Euro skull and hide mounting options?

    I can't remember where I got the idea, but I used a football display case for my black bear.
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    Best state for first hunt

    If you want a legitimate chance on a 7 ft + black bear go to Arizona. We hunted the White Mountain Apache Reservation in August. Three hunters, three bears, 7'2" (nose to tail) on the first night, a 6'6" and another 7'2" on the third night. Unbelievable the amount of bears and monster elk that...
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    AR-15 Scope Recs

    Primary Arms SLX 3x32 Gen 3 Prism Scope. I have an astigmatism and can't use a red dot. This prism scope is soooooo much better that a red dot.
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    It's worth calling and buying from them to hear their accents. And I'm sure they say the same about my "accent".
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    Leupold VX5HD vs. Zeiss V4 vs. Trijicon Credo HX

    Not at all, just don't dial it up as much. I really like the V4 and the ZBi reticle. I don't really notice the Christmas tree when aiming. Something about that small red cross in the middle gets me locked in on target, especially in low light. I actually used the Christmas tree to try to size up...