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    Solo Oahu Trip - Suggestions

    Thanks for the suggestions so far, I’m going to look into renting some flats fishing gear and maybe a half day guide. Never done that before.
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    Solo Oahu Trip - Suggestions

    Without going into the why and all the family drama that goes along with it, I have to be on Oahu solo for 10 days in May. Tough problem to have, I know, but I am looking for suggestions on things to do and places to stay. I am trying to avoid having a rental car and don't mind more "spartan"...
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    Camera Chest Rig Help

    I use a B-Grip Uno on my pack strap. I like that is longer than the Peak Design clip because it doesn’t flop around as much. They also make a tripod quick release adapter so you can go from strap to tripod without removing the plate...
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    Photography- one photo a day

    From the duck blind this morning…
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    2013 F150 experience?

    Original owner of a 2013 Lariat 4x4 3.5l ecoboost 6.5’ bed with just shy of 90k on it. Only major issue I’ve had is the front 4wd system. It’s a vacuum based hub engagement and if you get a crack in the line it can cause partial engagement and strip the hub gears. You won’t really know it’s...
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    Cooler Ice Block Molds

    We use the Costco milk jugs, they are rectangular and don’t taper at the top like a regular milk jug. Thick cap too.
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    Huge Camera, Lens delivery

    Thanks Joel for hooking me up with a lens for my new-to-me Sony A9. Can’t wait to put it through its paces. (y)
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    Condensation Inside Bivy Sack

    I’ve got a handful of nights in a Borah Bivy and a 20* El Coyote quilt. Friday it got down to 35* with fog so lots of moisture in the air. I noticed a lot of condensation at the top 1/3 from my breathing, tended to scoot down away from the netting at the top as it got cold. But the quilt was...
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    First impression comparison of a few pieces with photos. Clockwise starting at the upper left: Forloh Airalite "Exposed" rain jacket, Forloh Allclima 3L "Deep Cover" rain jacket, Cabelas windproof sweatshirt "Realtree", Gulch Gear Lightweight L/S "Cross Cover Axel", Gulch Gear Lightweight L/S...
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    Christmas Trees

    We hunt for our Christmas tree every year, but the Dixie Fire torched all of the good spots and the silver tips. Will have to do a tree farm this year I guess.
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    2021 California Bear

    Finally saw a bear in the wild, but it was a sow with two cubs at 1500 yards. Beautiful cinnamon coloring. Might get another chance before the season ends if I’m lucky. handheld iPhone through the binoculars:
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    Good: pieces seem quality and I would definitely look to FORLOH first to see if they offer what I am looking for. Bad: the pants are too short as a few others have mentioned. Length is not listed on the sizing chart but for the medium pants I was told it’s a 32” inseam. I usually wear 32”...
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    Hiking/trail/ everyday shoe

    Looking for a replacement for my 3+ year old Salomon XA Pro 3D right now that were my daily shoes so this is timely. Might try the Xero Mesa Trail as the Merrill Vapor Glove 4 I just picked up at the outlet store fit funny for me. My big toe was dead center of the shoe and all my other toes were...
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    I finally took the dive on Forloh, ordered the Allclima 3L rain jacket and pants. Its usually really hot and dry when I hunt so all of my gear is warm weather focused, but with an upcoming storm I took the opportunity to splurge on some gear that was missing from my kit. Fingers crossed it...
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    Scammed by "PayPal"?

    I would suggest not using PayPal, especially for hunting or hunting-adjacent items. If you violate their terms of service they can debit your account $2,500 per violation. I’ve had an account for years but deleted it last week when I read a story about someone losing >$10,000 for selling legal...

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