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    Sentenced to hell - Clip identification/sourcing

    No hate and been tempted myself, best of both worlds.
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    Best ultralight chair for backpack hunt?

    Not sure best but for weight and $$ love it...
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    Crossfit Games

    You were there for a good one! My wife has it on all the time, they are amazing athletes!
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    Best .300WSM bullet for elk

    Are you reloading? What is your recipe and speed? Looks like Accubond fans here. I run the 200 in my 300 Win.
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    Lightest camp shoe?

    I lost a croc once :( why I switched to the Frogg Toggs. Dry quick as well feel like a running shoe.
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    Lightest camp shoe?

    15.9 oz for size 12. This is a postal scale un calibrated for full disclosure.
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    Early season Elk socks

    Costco Smart Wool all year! Carry a dry pair to swap out mid day.
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    Lightest camp shoe?

    I will try and put them on the scale tonight. They are lighter than Crocs.
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    Lightest camp shoe?

    No but they are lighter than my size 12 crocs, very lightweight.
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    Lightest camp shoe?

    Frogg Toggs Skippers replaced my Crocs.
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    Thoughts on Kuiu Pro vs Mystery Ranch?

    Pro for comfort, lightweight and MR for durability, heavy. Both are quality, it will come down to fit.
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    300 WSM 165 gr vs 180 gr on Elk

    Every rifle elk I have killed has been 30-06 or 308 with 165/168 so your 300WSM will be good to go. Shoot the one that is most accurate. BC and all that is irrelevant under 300-yards.
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    Pagosa Springs area hunting

    It is popular with everyone from Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and NM to name a few. Pretty country though. I hunted closer over toward Durango but same vicinity. You can get away and see elk but be prepared for miles.
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    300 wsm powders, what’s good?

    As said above I am using H4831sc with 180 AB for great accuracy , around 2850 so good enough for me.