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    Idaho elk 53?

    No one?
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    Idaho elk 53?

    Just looking for any information on this unit. Not looking for locations. I can find the elk my self. I think that's half the fun... Im more interested in how crazy does this unit get.. is this a your best bet is opening weekend then its just a gamble? Does weather have any play in this unit...
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    WTS Kuiu guide jacket

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    Advice on traditional muzzleloader

    Find your self a T/C hawken or Renegade. I use maxiballs over 70grs of FF goex black powder. This load has been used by my family for years and has killed everything from alligators to bison. Zero it at 100yards. It will be 4"high at 50 and 12" low at 200. Personally I would keep shots 150...
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    WTS Kuiu guide jacket

    Price drop. $110
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    WTS Kuiu guide jacket

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    WTS Scarpa r-evolution trek gtx size 10

    Selling these fantastic boots. They are just a little to stiff for me. They do have probably 50 miles on them. Won't come with inserts. $sold
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    WTS Kuiu guide jacket

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    Best backcountry September pant

    Kuiu attacks.
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    Where should hunters go when they visit YELLOWSTONE?

    I was there in July and the jack wagons were driving around hanging their head out the window cow calling every 5 seconds..super annoying.. I don't see why It would be against the law in September though. Maybe back in the back country. Could be fun!
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    I feel ya.. Im down here in Mnt. Home. I feel like I'm deployed again.. its hot..dusty..there's nothing just feels like your standing in front of a blow dryer when your outside. I opted out of a tag that opens Aug 1st because I don't think it's possible to get all the meat cooled off...