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  • I can't remember the canyon to the NW...but mosquito is the trail for horses. FYI, lots of snakes down low ...in all of that low country...I've never seen so many.

    Both sides of the range have decent bucks....I just dunno what they do when hard horned
    Yeah, i've hunted it. No clue about rifle season....those deer move from being high early archery...I have no idea how to hunt it rifle season.

    there is a short trail up to the table on the N W side just below the roaded section...its fairly steep.Lots of guys come in from the S....i've spent less time there. Good deer on Mt Jeff early...

    Hope that helps.
    Ok gotcha...yes I have been looking into that Barley Creek trailhead...another person messaged me that that trailhead was the most horse friendly and had corrals and stuff...it sounds like the best access to the wilderness is either the north and Morgan or south at Barley...what class bucks did you see in there out of curiosity? Did you go into the wilderness prior to killing your bull to the south? By the way how was the bull you got? Any pics of it?
    I was outside the wilderness, are you familiar with the barley creek trailhead? There are a few burns south of there, that's where I killed my bull and saw the most deer.
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