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    Anyone regret their point situation?

    I am very thankful I live in Idaho. No point system here. Between my wife and I we have drawn 4 trophy species tags here and been successful on all. Gave up on all other states except Montana. IMO point systems are a failure
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Wall tent shop wilderness tent with #4 stove, extended fly. $1550. Stove is awesome great for drying out wet cloths. Stove will burn all night long. Good set up for the price IMO
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    Best Powder to use for Christensen Arms Ridgeline .300 WM

    Been reloading the 300WM for 20 years with various powders, and different bullet weights in the 180 to 200 grain range. I have used H1000 for the last couple years and have good accuracy and increased velocity with no pressure signs. I would recommend H1000.
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    Idaho Spring Bear Hunt: Unit 1 vs 17

    Unit 1 in Idaho has been pounded by late snow this year. Don't know how fast that snow will come off but it might make access to the higher elevations difficult. Just an FYI. Thanks.
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    Buffalo Raffle Hunt 2019

    My friend Shane Warner won a Buffalo Raffle Hunt from the Troy Idaho Lions Club. Thought I would share his video with his permission. Thanks
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    Garage bucks / House bucks / Man Cave

    Brooks Range Alaska Dall Sheep. Hunted with Larry Rivers way back in 2000. Was my dream hunt, saved my penny's so I could "hunt sheep". Was the ultimate adventure backpack hunt, sat on that ram for two days, got charged by a grizzly, and finally stalked to within 50 yards of the ram, for one...
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    Garage bucks / House bucks / Man Cave

    Kelly and I are looking for some more walls to put our mounts.
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    2018 Elk Meat Pole

    Idaho Archery Elk, OTC. Wife Kelly helped me pack it out.
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Elk Camp, Idaho, Wall Tent Shop.
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Wow, you know your stuff, its late August or first of September can remember exactly. Thanks.
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Kelly and I, AK a couple years ago.
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    Great to hear. The magnetospeed sporter is a great product. Really a game changer. Does change point of impact but that's easy to adjust to. Huge improvement over the tripod mounted chronys that took 30 minutes to set up, and were sensitive to light conditions and precipitation.
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    Annealing Cases

    To properly anneal brass, various machines that use flame or in some cases induction heat to upwards of 800 degrees are utilized. These machines are expensive, like $600 to over $1000. I have been reloading for 40 years, both hunting rifles and competition long range rifles. For my competition...
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    300 Win Mag Brass

    I have a 300 WM with custom 26 inch long Lilja barrel. Use Norma brass as its very consistent, and readily available. My hunting load is 200 grain Accubonds with 76.3 grains H1000 at about 2995 fps and 10 sd. Very accurate and get great penetration on large game.
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    Advise - Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunt

    Thanks to all the forum members comments and suggestions. With the forum collective knowledge and several personal communications with pilots, guides, and others we are getting this hunt pretty locked down. Turns out my wife and I are going to make this hunt, she did one with me in 2013 on a...