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    Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Hunt - Adventure

    At the local Sportsman's show we had our Sitka Bucks officially scored: Kellys 99 6/8 and Mine 96 5/8.
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    Sold HORNADY ELD-X 6.5 mm 143 gr BULLETS

    340 Total - 3 full boxes 1 partial, all the same lot number. $90.00 TYD
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    Sold Lilja - 0.264" SS Rifle Barrel Blank

    Its a very heavy strait taper. Typically utilized on a PRS type tactical rifles.
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    Sold BAT Machine Model TR Action

    BAT Machine Model TR Action - 1.35 round bottom, octagon top / repeater - SS -Melonite finish - right bolt - right port - .308 bolt face - spiral fluting / tactical knob / integral recoil lug / ejector / Remington bolt nose - integral 20 MOA rail - serial number TR123. New action, never been...
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    Sold Lilja - 0.264" SS Rifle Barrel Blank

    Lilja Barrel Blank - 0.264" dia., 1:8 twist, 3 groove, SS, MTU contour, 28" long will finish as long as 27", shank 1.25" dia. $260.00 TYD. Paid $355.
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    Sold Seek Outside - Cimarron Tent

    Seek Outside Cimarron Tent $400 TYD - Olive color, carbon center pole, stove jack, aluminum stakes. Has 4 extra guyouts for wind stability. Seam sealed. Great tent, took it to Alaska in 40 + mph wind. Just not big enough for my needs. New it was $574. Stock Photo
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    What It Takes To Be A Successful Hunter, By Jim Carr

    Very well written article. Great discussion on what it takes to succeed as a hunter. There are many aspects both mental and physical, and the appreciation of nature and the outdoors. Thanks
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    Idaho Elk Hunt Part 2

    Awesome. And to get a Wolverine on film in Idaho is super rare, and hard to do. Nice.
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    You've killed a wolf, now what?

    I trapped this one a few years back. Case skin, its pretty easy. Take it to a quality taxidermist, and have a rug made. I really like my wolf rug.
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    What tool do you use for primer pocket clean up?

    Unfortunately, I still do it by hand, using RCBS primer pocket cutting tool. About one twist will do it. Can do 50 cases in less than 5 minutes. Been reloading a very long time, tried everything, its worth the effort to get primers seated correctly.
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    Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Hunt - Adventure

    My unofficial score is 103 4/8 with deductions 100 1/8. So we will wait the 60 day dry period and see if it makes book. Thanks
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    Kodiak Sitka Blacktail Hunt - Adventure

    Some more photographs. Smaller buck Scott harvested later in the hunt. Packing Packing Tenderloin dinner Brown bear taking a nap.