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    Coues Pics

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    Elk heart how to?

    I love heart. Elk moose bear deer caribou all of them. Boil with pepper corns onion garlic and salt. About an hour. Drain. Cool. Slice thin. It’s great.
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    New 260 build help

    Accuracy should be fine. I have two 260 Rem chambered rifles, one comp and one hunting. Utilize 140's in both, the 260 has an overall length that can cause issues with magazine length. And generally you want a bullet jump to lands of say 0.020. From experience its really important for...
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    New 260 build help

    My wife shoots a 260 Remington with 140 accubond. #3 Lilja barrel, its a 1/2 MOA gun. I think its important to talk to your gunsmith about chambering on a light barrel, a little tighter neck than SAMMI spec will help. Looking for neck clearance of 3 to 4 thousands is my suggestion. And...
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    Drew unit 37 Idaho Bighorn sheep tag

    Congrats on the tag. Do your research. Develop some targets. Do some scouting. Then consider flying the area with a knowledgeable and competent pilot. It’s worked for me in the past. Although in a different unit.
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    Sheep rifle attributes?

    Gone on 8 sheep hunts, 5 my own, 1 with wife, 2 with friends. Of them 2 guided. 7 were successful. 30-06 my favorite sheep caliber, powerful and accurate, moderate recoil. 1) Accurate with precision under field conditions. 2) Light 6.5 to 7.5 pounds. 3) Compact. 4) Stainless and synthetic...
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    Using Headlamps on Trail/Hike In

    During Elk season I may hike two to three miles in the dark to be where I think the Elk are located. To make good time you got to see where you are headed. I use a minimal flood white headlamp. Then sit the next 30 minutes in the dark to let everything settle down.
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    First & Second Focal Plane

    IMO: Second focal plane if you dial both elevation and windage, and like darker more visible reticle at low power. First focal plane if you generally use your scope at higher power, as reticle is very fine and light at low power. And you like to hold your windage in the reticle.
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    Brass trim question

    Suggest after first firing of new brass for a hunting rifle: full length size and trim to 0.020 under spec. Now you should be set for a couple firings before you need to trim again.
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    Anyone regret their point situation?

    I am very thankful I live in Idaho. No point system here. Between my wife and I we have drawn 4 trophy species tags here and been successful on all. Gave up on all other states except Montana. IMO point systems are a failure
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    Let see your best camp photos!

    Wall tent shop wilderness tent with #4 stove, extended fly. $1550. Stove is awesome great for drying out wet cloths. Stove will burn all night long. Good set up for the price IMO
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    Best Powder to use for Christensen Arms Ridgeline .300 WM

    Been reloading the 300WM for 20 years with various powders, and different bullet weights in the 180 to 200 grain range. I have used H1000 for the last couple years and have good accuracy and increased velocity with no pressure signs. I would recommend H1000.
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    Idaho Spring Bear Hunt: Unit 1 vs 17

    Unit 1 in Idaho has been pounded by late snow this year. Don't know how fast that snow will come off but it might make access to the higher elevations difficult. Just an FYI. Thanks.
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    Buffalo Raffle Hunt 2019

    My friend Shane Warner won a Buffalo Raffle Hunt from the Troy Idaho Lions Club. Thought I would share his video with his permission. Thanks
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    Garage bucks / House bucks / Man Cave

    Brooks Range Alaska Dall Sheep. Hunted with Larry Rivers way back in 2000. Was my dream hunt, saved my penny's so I could "hunt sheep". Was the ultimate adventure backpack hunt, sat on that ram for two days, got charged by a grizzly, and finally stalked to within 50 yards of the ram, for one...