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    Kenetrek Boot Stiffness & Short Feet

    I have narrow heels and kenetreks don’t work for me for fit or boot stiffness (I prefer stiff mountaineering type boots). Try Zamberlan or Asolo as some of their boots, at least in their mountaineering lines have narrower heel cups. Also have a look a your insoles and See what works best for...
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    Covid Booster

    I’m double vaccinated with both shots of Sputnik V and both shots of Moderna. The Moderna shots were tough, especially the second dose. I was essentially bedridden for 72 hrs with the second jab. Not looking forward to the booster shot in 2022.
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    Kyrgyzstan Translation Cheat Sheet

    Based on my experience (11 hunting trips plus more than a decade working in the region) I would suggest learning some basic conversational Russian. The guides and locals will appreciate the effort. Almost all of the Kyrgyz speak Russian and it’s easier learn than the native Kyrgyz that has a...
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    things NOT to take on a guided hunt

    exactly what he said. I would listen to this advise and follow closely. You will be surprised how quickly weight adds up and how much extra weight (spotter, tripod, stove, etc) sucks towards the back half of a long backpack sheep hunt over many miles. Just not required on a guided dall sheep...
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    things NOT to take on a guided hunt

    Apart from the other advise, I suggest leaving MH Chili Mac freeze dried meals at home as well. The aftermath of eating these have implications on all creatures great and small!
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    Need some lightweight shooting rest setups for upcoming sheep hunt

    Learn and practice shooting comfortably over your pack.
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    AK Sheep, Population Observations

    I am hearing alaska is having a tough winter. Any truth to that? If so, I imagine its going to contribute to issues with sheep populations
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    Best place to purchase Swaros?

    Eurooptic is where I buy all my Swarovski optics
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    things NOT to take on a guided hunt

    For sheep, I take pretty much the same as if I’m going solo except I leave my stove behind and have a reduced kill kit to save a bit of weight. I also typically leave my spotter and tripod behind as I personally don’t see the need carry the extra few pounds of dead weight on a 10-12 day hunt...
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    Has anyone hunted Snow Sheep?

    Yes I hunted snow sheep in 2019. Yes it’s possible to bring back with you but it will take a few extra days in Moscow for paperwork to be completed and you’ll need to make sure capes are dry. I shipped my cape and horns as I was flying Aeroflot through LAX and didn’t want to take chances...
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    Central Asia 2022

    I personally a fan of the 300 calibers for Central Asia hunts. Most of the shooting is longer range and some of those animals are tough to bring down, so down range energy is something to consider.
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    Has the internet created MORE hunters?

    I think the internet and social media have definitely had an impact on hunting….negatively. I also think companies like Sitka, Kuiu, etc have made it cool to be a “back country” hunter with their marketing strategies. And why does everyone need a “sheep gun” now? Admittedly, I have Sitka and...
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    Merino vs Poly.

    I also have the same experience and have transitioned away from merino to synthetic for next to skin as more comfortable from a moisture management and itch standpoints. With the odor treatment, I can get a few days in same clothes even if sweating heavily. I keep merino for my socks...
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    Mountain Hunting Regrets

    I have two that come immediately to mind as lessons learned First are ill fitting boots that ruined a hunt due to blisters and the second is not test firing rifle at hunting camp to check if issues with temperature/barometric pressure resulting in POI shift. Missed a really big sheep due to this.
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    To guide lid or not to guide lid...

    I also recommend running the guide lid. I use one as standard with my EMR2 bag. My sat phone, possibles bag, poop kit, headlamp and snacks always go in. I can’t imagine running my pack without a lid.

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