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    Returning tags???

    My advice is to just go hunting. Today is life. Tomorrow is never guaranteed, let alone next year.
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    CA A 110 South

    Honestly the overwhelming majority of success in the A zone is on private land.
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    Any input on unit 67 in Idaho

    All I know is that unit has grizzlies so I stay away from it. But it looks like excellent deer country on google earth.
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    A Zone Opener in Mendocino County

    Those are a couple of nice bucks! You guys hunt public or private?
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    Archery opener: CA, Super D tag

    Good luck on your new endeavor! What zone will you be hunting?
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    Who wants to tell me about there Yolla Bolly honey hole?

    What temperatures should one expect in the Yolla Bolly during general season on average?
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    Who wants to tell me about there Yolla Bolly honey hole?

    Oh wow it's disappointing that happens but they will eventually get caught. Are there very many bucks left in the Yolla Bolly towards the end of the season or has hunting pressure pushed most of them out? I have only hunted the YB during the last couple weeks of the season and have seen very...
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    Mendocino complex Ca

    Do you guys think the fire will help the deer herd at all? Has anyone hunted the burn area prior to the fire? I did for a couple years back in 2006-2007 but never got anything. I was only there a couple weekends though.
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    Who wants to tell me about there Yolla Bolly honey hole?

    How do you know they didn't shoot the bucks during legal light and were just finishing packing them out of the backcountry when you saw them? It can take multiple days to pack something out if you go in deep and don't have horses.
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    Blacktail bucks

    Kool good for you. How were you fortunate enough to get private land access? What kind of bullets will you be shooting with the new lead ban?
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    Another ? on Christensen Arms Radial Brake

    Side port is so much better in my opinion. It reduces recoil more, doesn't blow debris in your face, and I didn't notice any increase in concussion or noise over the radial. Easy decision for me.
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    Best Long Range Lead-Free Caliber?

    Recoil is not a problem at all with a muzzle brake, you just have to make sure you wear earplugs. I highly suggest the Christensen arms ridgeline in 7mm rem mag or 300 RUM shooting barnes vortx LRX with the side port muzzle brake so you don't get debris in your face every time you shoot. That is...
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    Blacktail bucks

    Wow you are obviously a very skilled hunter brushape. Do you hunt private or public land? What kind of rifle is that?
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    California Hunters? Where you at?

    Just curious, how did you like hunting D5? I have heard there are bigger bucks in d3-5 than b zone.
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    Sitka Kelvin Down WS Hoody vs First Lite Chamberlin

    Which would you buy for late season hunting and why? Is there an even better option than either of these? I am leaning towards getting the Chamberlin because it looks warmer but it doesn't seem very water resistant and it looks like it would be difficult to get a rain jacket over it.