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    SLC 15x56 vs razor UHD 18x56 vs conquest hd 15x56

    That is really good information, thank you for sharing. Can either of these binos be worn on the chest and then handheld or can they only be used on a tripod?
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    SLC 15x56 vs razor UHD 18x56 vs conquest hd 15x56

    This is the exact information I have been looking for! When will you share your results from the scouting trip? Also, what spotting scope are you using in conjunction?
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    CA B Zone Trinity Alps

    Also jealous, I wish my life circumstances enabled me to make such a move. mtnsnag, did you get anything in the Yolla Bolly last year? I have hunted south yolla bolly around Soldier Mountain and Solomon Peak a couple times but never harvested anything.
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    Q&A Podcast with Robby Denning

    I am a huge Robby Denning fan so I can't wait for this episode!!! 1) What is the best binocular/spotting scope setup for a mountain mule deer hunter? Are 95mm spotters too big? 2) What are your thoughts on just bringing swaro 15xs for both hand-holding and tripod glassing on solo backcountry...
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    South Fork Eel, Elkhorn

    I have always wondered about these areas, especially after the 2014 fire. But even with the fire, doesn't it look extremely thick and brushy like Jackson State Forest? These types of areas usually don't have much game and are difficult to hunt.
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    WTS Kifaru Sawtooth for sale

    I purchased it new in summer 2017 and it has only been used a couple times. It is in excellent condition except I let the stove jack cover touch the chimney and it burnt a small hole but it's not over the chimney hole so it won't cause any leaks or issues at all (picture shown below). I will...
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    Never hunted it but I have seen pictures of a couple decent bucks that were shot there in the last two years.
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    The wait begins

    If you want to cancel your order, I would be willing to give you a really good deal on my 2017 Fulcrum. It comes in ranger green, has the guide lid, 26 inch duplex which i think is now the tactical, and the gun bearer. Let me know and I can send pics.
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    Need Bullet help

    I vote either GMX or LRX, whichever is more accurate in your rifle. Then you don't have to worry about getting lead in your meat.
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    No Dogs for Deer?

    Yes I heard the same thing. They are also trying to ban lead ammo at shooting ranges.
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    Hunting Big Mule Deer - a original film

    Awesome!!! I have been waiting months for this film.
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    Mule Deer and Moving

    If I were you I would consider moving to a state that has spring black bear hunting. It will be nice to have that coming from CA.
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    To buck or not to buck

    This reminds me of an old proverb. "He who chases two rabbits catches neither."
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    Idaho Unit 67 for 2020

    I've always wanted to hunt unit 67 but I won't go there because of the grizz