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    WTT .308 ammo trade for .270

    I’m looking for Hornady American Whitetail in .270 Win, 130gr.. I have 17 Rem Core Lokt in .308 150gr , and 20 Winchester Super X in .308 180gr. Will trade. I also have 30-40 .280 Rem brass 1-shot, I would trade for .270 Hornady American Whitetails.
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    The used boat market is insane with sky high prices and the new choices are scarce. It’s a sellers market for sure.
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    Muzzleloader accessory advice

    Get some anti seize to apply to the threads of your breach plug. Makes breach plug removal a breeze, especially the tool less ones that screw out by hand.
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    My biggest whitetail, and archery deer story

    Super unique buck. Nice.
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    browning x bolt scope recommendations

    Pretty satisfied with my Leupold VX3i 3.5-10x40’s for my needs. Discontinued now and quite hard to find but I did recently find one online at Murdoch’s and it sounded like they might have 1 or 2 more left..
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    Work for a Specialty Optics division of a glass manufacturing company. Manufacturing glass from massive panels to small lenses for NASA, the US government, and many other customers including Canon and Zeiss Optics.
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    Favorite Caliber (s)

    My favorite caliber is .280 Rem, I have one in a Remington M700 mountain rifle. Love the caliber, the gun is just okay. My favorite gun is my Hells Canyon Speed in .270 Win. I wish a 280 Rem was offered in a Hells canyon platform.
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    best sub $2000 factory hunting rifle

    Thoroughly enjoy my Hells Canyon speed in .270 Win. Plan to buy another in a .30 caliber.
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    450 Bushmaster thread protector??

    Can anyone recommend what I may need for a thread protector As far as size/threads for a Ruger American 450 bushmaster with the short barrel?
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    Muzzle brake question

    I did some searching on the subject, reviews are mixed. My specific scenario. I have a Hells Canyon Speed in .270 Win that I’d like to take the brake off. I don’t feel I need it on this rifle and it absolutely piss pounds my ears. I’m sighted an inch high at 100 and probably won’t shoot past 200...
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    Will it work for me

    In my short time on this forum, I have already noticed a resounding disdain for ol Leupy. Out of pure curiosity, what do you prefer for optics?
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    Will it work for me

    Well It’s like this boys, I can get an absolute smoking deal on a Browning Hells Canyon in 28 Nosler, topped with a Leupold VX 3 3.5-10x50. Now my shots will be anywhere from 40 yards to 400 yards on whitetail deer.. Is this thing gonna be just too hot at that 40 yards to 100 yards range, on...