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    Caribou Meat

    Just put three pounds of ground caribou into these beauties with cabbage and onion. A little sweet curry and garlic powder and some egg to bind. Double rise yeast dough. Needless to say they taste fantastic.
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    Unit 23 reports

    Very nice bull!
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    Is the "Caribou" considered, "Entry Level" Trophy Hunting....???

    Reading this forum is like reading old letters and emails from my ex-wife. In other words, not fun. Please change the subject matter back to a forum where folks aren't attacking one another.
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    Unit 23 reports

    My two cents: our caribou hunt in 2019 was our first. Yes, it had its share of issues relating to the outfitter. Yes, our campsite sucked which was the fault of the outfitter. Yes, it cost a fair bit of money, and a couple of us on the trip had to save a long time to make it work for our family...
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    Photography- one photo a day

    Food porn. Fresh batch of ground pronghorn and caribou meat pies.
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    My boy got a small bull

    When I was their age, I dreamed about that kind of hunt. Still do. Way to go boys! And dad/uncle!!!
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Great photos and nice buck!
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    First Caribou

    Well done.
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    Unit 23 reports

    The comments in this thread are accurate for my group’s experience with AA in 2019. We were promised a fresh unused campsite. In an area scouted for caribou. Neither was true. We did ok but worked our asses off by hunting hard. But going into a preset camp where the previous groups had shit...
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    Drop camp

    Zcheer stainless pack grill. Buy on Amazon for grilling. It fits in a 10 inch tube that is 1.5 inches wide. Weighs about 10 oz. And look at Platypus water filters. Works great for us.
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Nice job. Good looking antelope!
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Nice looking buck.
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Yes. Waterholes and blinds. Hot weather had a constant stream of antelope coming in to drink.
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    2021 Antelope Hunting Success Stories

    Hey everyone, how about sharing pics of your successful 2021 antelope hunts. I will start it off with pics of my Wyoming buck that I shot on August 16th. I passed on 8 other bucks from two different blinds. My shot was 16 yards and he was rough scored at 77". Dan's in Casper did a nice job...