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    Sold Black Widow PCHX - 56” 52#@26” - Tiger Myrtle

    I'm not interested in trading but I have a 60" 55# schafer silvertip I'll be posting soon if you are interested.
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    50 Yards and Durable Targets.

    You can buy a rag bag from third hand archery and fill it with the stuffing of your current target. And continue doing the same thing.
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    WTB Kifaru water bottle pocket

    Are you talking about the nalgene holder? If so I have a coyote brown one brand new. I ordered 2 on accident.
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    CWD Positive. What would you do??

    I'm still eating it. Do you know how many deer get eaten that aren't tested every year? I can assure you I won't be the first to eat one. Of all the risk's involved in everyday life, I put being the first person to contract CWD way way down on that list.
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    Schafer silvertip wanted

    I have one 60” [email protected]” Shoot me a text if you are interested and I’ll get you some pics 9855190274
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    Tooth of the Arrow Users

    Check out VAP broadheads.
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    Tipi center pole

    I bought the REI pole when I got my cimmaron, thinking about getting the seek pole now. If I would have just got the carbon pole in the beginning I would have came out cheaper.
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    PP/BP Question?

    Interested in this as well. I haven’t found any that will let you start until around 12 y/o or legal hunting age. I do know Arizona has a pretty good deal on points for a youth, but not until they are at legal hunting age unfortunately.
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    Where/How to buy a Federal duck stamp online for Colorado...?

    Yea, I wasnt sure if the 2019 stamps were even out yet. Jun 1 makes sense.
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    Where/How to buy a Federal duck stamp online for Colorado...?

    Can't you just pick one up at walmart in your local town? It's a federal stamp not state specific.
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    Does anyone here load shot shells? I have a request.

    I use 6's and 7 1/2's for squirrels and rabbits all the time. Going much bigger tears up the meat pretty bad.
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    Netflix's "Our Planet"

    I’m watching it right now. I get what you guys are saying, but I think Disney humanizing animals is a bigger deal.
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    Vane Glue.

    Not sure where you are pricing them? Usually fletched arrows come 6 to a pack and bare come 12, Not sure if that's where the price difference comes in?
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    Vane Glue.

    I've had trouble with AAE max vanes not sticking until I listened to the instructions and used their glue, pen and wipes. I think the most vital part is the primer pen. It added another $25 to fletching my arrows though if that matters to you. If you do decide to use AAE vanes just know you...
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    Vpa broadheads

    Try finishing them off on a leather strop with a little compound. It will get them just a little sharper to where they will pop hairs.