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    Schafer silvertip wanted

    I have one 60” [email protected]” Shoot me a text if you are interested and I’ll get you some pics 9855190274
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    Tooth of the Arrow Users

    Check out VAP broadheads.
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    Tipi center pole

    I bought the REI pole when I got my cimmaron, thinking about getting the seek pole now. If I would have just got the carbon pole in the beginning I would have came out cheaper.
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    PP/BP Question?

    Interested in this as well. I haven’t found any that will let you start until around 12 y/o or legal hunting age. I do know Arizona has a pretty good deal on points for a youth, but not until they are at legal hunting age unfortunately.
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    Where/How to buy a Federal duck stamp online for Colorado...?

    Yea, I wasnt sure if the 2019 stamps were even out yet. Jun 1 makes sense.
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    Where/How to buy a Federal duck stamp online for Colorado...?

    Can't you just pick one up at walmart in your local town? It's a federal stamp not state specific.
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    Does anyone here load shot shells? I have a request.

    I use 6's and 7 1/2's for squirrels and rabbits all the time. Going much bigger tears up the meat pretty bad.
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    Netflix's "Our Planet"

    I’m watching it right now. I get what you guys are saying, but I think Disney humanizing animals is a bigger deal.
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    Vane Glue.

    Not sure where you are pricing them? Usually fletched arrows come 6 to a pack and bare come 12, Not sure if that's where the price difference comes in?
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    Vane Glue.

    I've had trouble with AAE max vanes not sticking until I listened to the instructions and used their glue, pen and wipes. I think the most vital part is the primer pen. It added another $25 to fletching my arrows though if that matters to you. If you do decide to use AAE vanes just know you...
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    Vpa broadheads

    Try finishing them off on a leather strop with a little compound. It will get them just a little sharper to where they will pop hairs.
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    Kifarucast w/ Gillingham

    It is thought provoking. Although Tim has a 6” draw length advantage over me. Also has the know how to send an arrow PERFECTLY straight. I don’t think very many people shooting a 70# 33” draw have any penetration issues. I’ve had issues passing kill zones through white tails and hogs with...
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    AAE Vanes

    I’m currently having some trouble with some max hunters sticking to some bohning arrow wraps. Appears when the vane falls off there isn’t any glue whatsoever on the vane itself. I’m assuming there’s still some residual release agent left on the vanes maybe? I guess I’ll buy the AAE glue, wipes...
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    NM Draw results

    Right? What exactly takes so long with the drawings? I’m sure it doesn’t take a month to run a computer program.
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    SE Whitetail Saddle Hunters?

    I gave it a shot and it’s just not for me. I went back to my lone wolf assault and sticks. I personally can hunt more trees with my lock on and it’s less moving parts.