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    Birders Optic Classified?

    Joined the group but got banned for posting. Pretty odd thing to do to a new member. Even locked my IP address so cant even look at the site or contact the admin.
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    WTS SIG Rattler Canebrake NIB

    TTT New Price $2,950.00
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    WTB Swarovski ctc/cts or zeiss dialyt or meopta tga

    Can always make an offer. Much cheaper then a new CTS. Currently the body only without eye piece is $2K new.
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    Birders Optic Classified?

    Thanks but cant find a classifieds section. Where do they post optics for sale?
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    WTB Swarovski ctc/cts or zeiss dialyt or meopta tga

    There's a cts on facebook marketplace.
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    Birders Optic Classified?

    Is there a site Birders use for optic classifieds? There was one years ago but cant find it now.
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    WTB Swarovski Habicht Porro Prism Binoculars

    Looking for Swarovski Habicht Porro Prism binoculars. PM with whatever you might have.
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    Private land programs for Habitat improvements?

    @JBears Thanks for the reply. Theres a lot to learn and I'm hoping to combine some other beneficial practices like logging. Although logging done in older traditional methods. A lot of cost considerations for me would be seeds, and starts. Would also like to combine some ground work like...
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    Private land programs for Habitat improvements?

    Thank you for the heads up. I'm a read the fine print guy. Doing a lot of research before hand and want to do what makes sense long term. I might do a lot of land infrastructure work in advance to avoid some limitations.
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    Canvas cutter summit?

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    WTB Wtb Swarovski slc 10x42

    What did you pay? Wondering the going rate
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    WTB Beware Farhangs is a Scammer

    Same thing happened to me this last week. Stolen images online and photo shopped notes.
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    Porro Prism obsolete?

    I have a buddy of mine who still uses his. I'm tempted to find a pair for myself. Not sure what separates the BGAT from the GAT. Seems like lots of makers are offering higher powered options then back in the day.

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