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    BIg Game Forever oops

    yeah... I don't think there was any oops on this deal... NM has had it's own issues with SFW and so has AZ...
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    NM Rifle Antelope 2013

    Hey Everyone... Just a quick little post on my NM Antelope hunt.. I have attached a Pic and here is a video... Again thanks for...
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    New Mexico Audad

    teens at night ramping up to the 60's. I can't tell if this thread is a joke or not... If people are afraid of desert critters then stay home. :) j/k.. Yes, there are plenty of ways to die out there.. Just be smart.... You will be fine... Snakes warn you and well scorpions, well... they are...
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    New Mexico Audad

    The snakes are going to be denned up that time of year... That will be the least of your worries.. :) J-
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    Coolers for the ride home.

    I bet a drop in freezer will take just as much space and you can just plug it into your truck with an inverter.. besides you are going to need to put the meat somewhere when you get home.
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    Trail Cam Pics, Nice Mules Sheds and Old Dude

    Hey Everybody... How about a little video on some shed hunting,some trail cam pictures of animals in the Gila and some Crazy Old Dudes retreat... As always thanks for tuning in J
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    Deep Six Broadhead Discussion

    Here is a quick video I did on some 2-blade fixed heads... I switched the Solids last year from G.K.(I had been using G.K. for 5 years) last year and I couldn't be happier with them... They hit where you point them... ALL DAY... If you have any questions, let me...
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    NM G&F Results are up!

    Congrats Everyone.. I drew Unit 24 Archery Coues... 16a Rifle Elk Archery Javelina AND a RIFLE Unit 15 Antelope Tag(This was a big surprise) Good luck everyone... J
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    5.11 Tactical Pants for a Backpack Hunt?

    Vitals Let me first say that you have a solid question... 2nd I applaud you for thinking a little differently and looking for clothing options, I think we get caught up in "Chasing Sexy" instead of looking at functionality. Like others have said look at REI or Steep and Cheap or even Sams...
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    Water Bottle Pouch...Anyone ever added one?

    Just sew on a couple of beer koozies and you are good to go.. :) j/k. I actually carry a steel water bottle and a bladder... My thoughts are this... I often can drink the bladder dry and not know it. I want to have a backup(steel water bottle) in case I can't get to a water source(I live in...
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    46 Rail

    2rocky.. Thanks... I sure will. I am not sure what is happening with Bowcast these days... I think they have just taken a different direction... Good or Bad I am not sure... J-
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    46 Rail

    This one is tough for me but I wish South the best of luck... South is great guy with a ton of knowledge. I have seen the prototypes and talked/listened to A.D. about this project for years. I think they maybe fighting an upstream battle with all the other products hitting the market. At...
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    Limb Driven Drop Aways vs. Cable Driven

    As a general rule the more weight that you can get off the string the better.... J
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    Do you follow blogs?

    You also might want to take into consideration "tagability" or search ability... If you do a blog and add tags when they do a search it will be picked up.. If they put it in the forums it is a little harder for search engines to find it. So with a blog you can also get people that are not...
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    Do you follow blogs?

    BUSTED... I need to update that... Just got married and have a step-son.. eheheheheh thanks and thanks for finding that before she did or I would have been in a world of HURT....