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    Nevada draw results 2022

    Archery deer in the Rubies!
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    Photography- one photo a day

    Bike ride in Las Vegas a few weeks back.
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    Outdoor Research 40% off code to give

    Looks they’ve all been used. Thanks for posting!
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    Davis Go Tent or bigger?

    I had me, cousin, and his two kids in a 10x14 kodiak flex bow with a set of bunk cots and 2 regular cots. We’d leave one cot broken down until it was bed time and there was plenty room for card games, cooking, etc. One buddy heater kept everyone cozy, and it was ~12 degrees one night. Moving...
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    How do you keep from sliding off your sleep pad?

    Looks like these links are broken… 😞
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    Sold Kuiu Pants: Attacks & Kutana 32 Regular

    I’ll be a backup!
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    Guided 2024 Mule Deer Hunt

    Draw odds for the non-resident guided hunt are pretty awesome. If you all put in for points this year and next year, odds are good you’d end up with group tags in ‘24. Rates for guided group tags in Nevada are typically 4k minimum per hunter, wasn’t sure if that 6k was total or per man...
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    WTB Western Mountaineering - Kodiak MF 6' RZ

    I ordered a 6’ right hand sequoia last month, was told 45 days, got it in 5. I think you might be surprised if you commit to an order. I’d be happy to ask the shop I ordered through if you’d like.
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    Early Season Archery Ruby Mountain Mule Deer

    My best tip is to plan a 5 day hunt then add 3 days to that ;). And bring a jacket.
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    Feathered Friends Sleeping Bags

    I ordered a WM bag last month, was told to expect 45 days. It arrived in 5 days.
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    What do yall do for side income?

    Help run a guiding business. Wish it was full time. PS…it’s application time for the Nevada non-resident guided mule deer hunt. Best draw odds in the state 😉
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    Remi Warren no longer hosting Cutting The Distance

    So I take it the under armor hunting line is officially dead?
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    5 degree bag in 60 degree weather

    All great ideas. I was planning on sleeping with the bag in the house a few nights to play with options. Was thinking a twin flat sheet and sleep on top of the bag with that. Ironic bringing weight on a trip 🤦🏻‍♂️. Also thinking going down the cheap / light bag, thus insuring the weather...
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    Training for western hunt

    I can’t agree with this enough. Go hike with 20 lbs in your pack for 6 hours on a Saturday. Then wake up at 4am and hike till noon with that same 20lbs sunday. Then do it again at the ass crack of dawn on Monday, but with 50+ lbs on your back before work. If you can do that for an...