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    How do you justify sheep hunting?

    I'm just curious, what are the sheep hunts that you have done guided and non-guided? I'm mostly asking if you have done comparable wilderness sheep hunts guided and unguided. I don't agree that a guided sheep hunt is "just writing a check and showing up". But anyone who has done a self guided...
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    Removing butyl from antler bases?

    What is the purpose of butting butyl on the bases before boiling?
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    Frozen meat

    I used to hunt caribou pretty regularly at -20. The quarters would freeze solid by the time we got them home. I always used the mud room to bring them up to the point that they were beginning to thaw. Then it was on to the kitchen counter to separate the muscle groups and allow them to thaw...
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    Drawing WY Bighorn Tag NR

    I don't see Wy completely doing away with the points system anytime soon, but you can bet that they will be moving in that direction soon... I say this with confidence because it is becoming increasingly clear that Wyoming's BHS/Moose points system has become less profitable. The writing has...
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    Sublegal ram on guided sheep hunt

    I've seen this reference several times, but I've never heard any details. When/where/with whom did Boddington kill a sublegal?
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    Is hunting still THAT FUN anymore?

    I think that we tend to forget, that while hunting opportunities have shrunk and the number of people hunting has increased, in some ways access had become easier. Take western hunting for example: in the 1970s my dad and uncles would drive 1,000 miles to hunt in Colorado. They were often...
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    AK Sheep BOG Comments due Oct 13

    I lived in one of the communities that participates in subsistence sheep hunting. They hunt sheep in both the hard park. and in the adjacent native corp lands. They also shoot bears on sight and there are active trappers who have their traplines spread out throughout the park and the adjacent...
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    Small Hunting / House / Mountain Dog

    I feel like you are looking for a smaller female English springer spaniel. That would check all your boxes. Finding that little bitch shouldn’t be difficult.
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    Parents, let's discuss the ethics of our kids' first kills...

    It sounds like you’re not comfortable with bait, so don’t bait. No question there. I agree with not taking a big buck for their first kill. I don’t like the idea of kids getting caught up in the trophy aspect from the start. But if a big buck steps out, all that goes out the window. But it...
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    Delta Controlled Use Area Sheep Tag - Non Residents Gain Tags

    You nailed it. And it should include any data that the DF&G records for sheep, such as age, horn length and sub-legal take.
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    Sublegal ram on guided sheep hunt

    Is that is true? I can hardly believe that is could be. How could an outfit stay in business if their clients sheep were routinely being confiscated? Wouldn’t word of something like that make the rounds?
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    AK Sheep BOG Comments due Oct 13

    Eliminating opportunistic harvest would leave a few more legal sheep for the hunters who are actually hunting them. And in places where sheep aren’t normally targeted, it would eliminate human predation. I’m not sure that would matter when only surplus rams are being targeted.
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    AK Sheep BOG Comments due Oct 13

    Suppose that we close down hunting and leave those 8+ year old rams on the mountain, can you explain how those rams are going to help "flatten the curve"?
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    Sublegal ram on guided sheep hunt

    I wasn't referring to you, I was speaking of the hypothetical midwestern hunter who heads north for his one and only sheep hunt. I should have said, "Put yourself into the shoes of a midwestern hunter who...." And what I was trying to say was this: taking home a smaller than hoped for antelope...
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    AK Sheep BOG Comments due Oct 13

    I really like this idea. I would argue that it should be a flat $300(or maybe $500)for residents and nonresidents. Nonresidents are already paying for a tag so why charge them extra? Residents get the HT for free, so why not make the conservation fee substantial enough to make a difference?