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    Axis Deer Texas

    The freeze that hit last year did not affect all areas equally. The 5k ranch that I’m affiliated with experienced zero impact on the axis population. Many other places weren’t as fortunate. Our abundance of food and river bottom cover was surely a factor.
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    Axis Deer Texas

    I have the perfect place for you.
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    My vote goes to the 6.5 PRC. Most of us who try it love it.
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    Watcha reading/listening to?

    I just began reading Undaunted Courage, which is timely as I’m in Great Falls, Montana working for several months. Lewis & Clark had a helluva time portaging around the falls here. I’m visiting the Lewis & Clark interpretive center tomorrow.
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    WTT .300 WSM

    I don’t have what you seek in trade but I’m interested in purchasing the Federal Premium.
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    Is there still an entrance fee before 6 am? I have a National Parks pass somewhere but I’m not sure where…
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    I’m off work this coming Sunday and my girlfriend is here with me so we are going then. I’m thinking that I can be there before 6 am… are you simply able to enter the gate before 6? I am looking at making a reservation today just in case though.
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    The responses have been awesome! I'm going to try and hit every single thing mentioned here! Thanks again, Jeff
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    Great information guys, I really appreciate it!
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    Thanks guys, I spent a little time seeing Yellowstone while working near Billings in 2020. The falls and museums are certainly interesting. I’ve neglected to visit it during hunting trips that took me near it but Glacier is definitely at the top of my list.
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    Great Falls, Montana - what to do there?

    Hey guys, I'm gonna be working in Great Falls for a few months, from mid June through September or later. I'm interested in anything I can find to do outdoors. I have spent some time in Montana but not in this general area. I'm hoping to find some fishing and whatever else I can get into. Any...
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    seeking Montana and Wyoming turkey hunting opportunities

    No, I actually never hunted. Another work opportunity came up down south immediately after the Montana gig and I accepted it. I leave in a week headed to Great Falls for a few months, I’m hoping to get into some good fishing while there.
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    Leatherman favorites

    Being the gear junkie that I am and even more of a knife and multitool freak, I have several Leatherman's... The Wave is a great tool but the Skeletool is my go to and finds it's way in my pocket most often. I have carried this thing everywhere and have lost & found it multiple times. We have...
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    Tipping a guide ?

    As both a hunter and guide I can relate to both sides of the fence. To me it is not much different than any other situation such as eating out, etc. it is definitely a personal decision in my opinion and should be based on not only performance but also attitude and enthusiasm with a will to make...