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    Understanding non-res point system Montana

    When did preference points become $100?
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    WTB 25-06 Brass

    I’ve got quite a bit here in N ID. Anything in particular you’re looking for?
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    WTB Projectiles

    WTB .257 110gr accubond .308 205gr Berger elite hunters .308 200gr accubond .308 210gr accubond LR longshot I know
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    Kenai Rainbows and Dollys

    I’d second glassmaker. Good guy and he can farm you out to another guy guy that might not run his own service. If you haven’t reached out to him, I’d try that.
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    Milk crates

    My question is where do you get them. I need a few for trapping stuff and tire chains.
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    17 hmr hornady 17g v-max

    Agree they are like a magic wand on small things, crows, squirrels, pdogs, woodchucks, but you have to be cautious on ramge and shot placement on bigger stuff like coons, fox and coyotes. I have had a marlin 917v for more than 15 years that I recently had threaded for for my TBAC 22 takedown...
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    Trapping success pics

    some throwback pics
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    Montana unit 100 moose

    Hunted 104 with a buddy on his tag last year. Drive through 100 to get there. I’m in the panhandle and we go over there some (kootenai falls, etc). Feel free to PM me if you want. Don’t have a ton of info but may be able to help some.
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    Show us your Over and under

    Citori satin hunter 3.5”
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    WTS Semi custom 338wm Rem 700 McMillan

    Still no interest…
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    Braggin Board for Fishing!

    Some ID and some AL from this year
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    Montana Bonus Points Help

    That’s backwards. PP are for general licenses, BP are for LE permits. There are no general license for pronghorn so you can only buy BP for them. To hunt deer you need to draw a general license and then hunt a general area or you draw the general license (with PP) and then a LE permit (helped...
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    Idaho first wolf

    Someone else already said it, but with this heat I can’t even imagine the smell, AND you skinned it. Lots of up close and personal time there.