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    Med School Residency Out West

    As others have said, good training is paramount, but if she’s doing FM and not planning on doing a fellowship then getting good training for the desired career is best. Meaning if you want to be a rural doctor but match at a great big city residency you may not have the best tools for the...
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    End of June Minnesota trip

    As a Minnesotan for 34 years from birth to 2017, go see stuff in SD. Don’t spend a dime in that jacked up state. At least don’t spend any $$ in the twin cities metro. If you must see some stuff. The St. Croix river valley in Taylor’s falls area is pretty and low key.
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    Wyoming proposal to slash Non-resident hunters

    I’ve read most of this thread and wow, a lot of complaining. As a lifer in MN, when I had an opportunity to pick up and move for work/family I chose ID, partly due to hunting. Others are clearly making the same decision in several western states. WY has a relatively low population but a lot...
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    Access to medical/scientific published articles

    Almost all are paid subscriptions until about 2-3 years later, then they usually become available. The authors or an associate can pay a fee to the journal to make the article “open access” which makes it free and easy to see right away. This happened with one of my published medical papers...
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    which chainsaw?

    I recently bought a husky 550xp and have been very happy with it. Grew up with a old steel case jonsered and it was bomb proof. We tried a bunch of different stihl saws but several of them spent more time in the shop that cutting wood and it soured me forever. We used husky saws at work which...
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    Time for a member re-introduction! Where are you from+a fun fact about yourself.

    From: currently in Hayden ID, previously was a lifer in out state MN. Love ID! Fun fact: I’ve met the Dalai Lama and Mario Andretti, briefly.
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    Idaho Wolf Season Proposals

    No diverters on snares is a game changer. Makes the gear so much more efficient. 99% of not catching ungulates in snares is just being smart about where you put them. If you already have a BAD then diverters are just feel good add ons that add weight and make it take longer to make sets. I’m...
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    Colorado preference point issue

    I’ll be interested to see what you find. I didn’t get into the points game anywhere until 2013, so I’ve always just printed and saved my confirmations from every transaction. You’d think those numbers would be what they could use to back check but who knows.
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    Idaho Proposals for '21 and '22

    Probably but nothing I’ve gotten involved in. Habitat is a little different. We need logging, and predator control.
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    Idaho Proposals for '21 and '22

    Agree with the need to do something to limit mule deer harvest in the panhandle, there aren’t many up here. BUT I always worry about the slow slide of populations once seasons become very limited but the same animals remain abundant nearby (central ID) because you get the “I can’t hunt them...
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    Gun safe??

    Thanks for all the tips. With everyone chiming in and thinking the same (dials good/keypads suck) why are 95% of the safes you see out there keypads?! I just don’t trust them.
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    Gun safe??

    Getting around to getting a bigger safe and am not into huge, heavy, expensive safes with long fire ratings. I worked at a place that sold tons of brownings and treadlocks and I’ve had their training over and over back in the day and want a good secure safe but the fire stuff matters little to...
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    Taxidermy Mounts and End of Life

    That elk will have value and if it is good work there are lodges, restaurants and CA transplants in ID, MT, CO.... that want them for their homes/cabins. May take time but the consignment furniture place in Spokane valley sells lots of NA game heads for pretty steep prices. Dall sheep for...
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    Another Alaska Fishing Trip Thread

    Fish with pro fish-n-sea in Seward, Steve will take care of you and no one is better out of that harbor.
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    Montana deer unit 704 and 705

    As above. Deer all over. Quality varies by pressure and unique circumstances for that herd. There are lots of hunters and bucks can get picked over badly then a mature one can show up overnight during the rut