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    Questions for SEEK OUTSIDE - Podcast

    Episode is complete and can listen here:
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    Seek Outside - Western Hunt Expo
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    Eat MTNTOUGH: ongoing review of their nutrition program!

    Alright everyone, today was my first day actually tracking my caloric intake and macros for the program. For me, I'm trying to hit 2,030 calories per day. Which is actually a 500 calorie deficit according to the calculations I did while watching the Eat program videos the first day. I'm running...
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    Updated and new Crispi boots.

    The new Wild Rock will have 800g insulation from my understanding.
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    I believe we answered the questions and addressed some things. If you think they should make a carbon fiber tripod, be sure to listen...
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    Outdoorsmans - Western Hunt Expo
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    We made it back home last night after dodging some road closures. Looks like I-80 is a mess today so I hope everyone travels safe. We recorded a lot of podcasts... planning to release 15 from the Expo. Stay tuned over on the Rokcast sub-forum!
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    I personally think the Slik to Outdoorsmans will be a good comparison because of guys wanting to know if the upgrade is worth it. It won't be apples to apples price wise, but a lot of folks are running the Slik and other tripods in that $200 price range and want to know if the "upgrade" is worth...
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    ***Official 2020 Western Hunting Expo thread***

    Those other options though are probably not made in the USA, which is part of Outdoorsmans model and why they cost what they do. We did a podcast on this very thing and I think it will shed light on the carbon fiber/aluminum debate. Coming out within the next couple days.
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    High Altitude Sickness Prevention with Dr. Abigail Lara
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    Backpack Stove Review - MSR vs Jetboil ***Updated 2/3/20***

    I don't think you could damage anything, but the burner of the Reactor is fairly round so nothing flat like a pan or regular pot will sit on it. And it sticks above the rim where the pot grabs onto. The reactor just sits on top of the burner, it doesn't latch in any way. Now the Windburner you...
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    Eat MTNTOUGH: ongoing review of their nutrition program!

    Hey everyone, The last couple of years @Matt Cashell and I have tackled the MTNTOUGH programs, both post-season and pre-season models. In the last few months they have released a few other programs including their 30-30 Program built for workouts with no gym needed and Spring/Fall training...
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    2020 Rokslide Mtn Tough Workout Thread

    I'm already slacking on posts! The last few workouts have been great. Still feeling stronger on a muscle front than last year.. my cardio is a little lacking but that's always my weakness. Today is Week 4 day 3, haven't started it yet. Getting through this cup of coffee and then in the gym I...
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    MTNTOUGH 30-30

    I know they have been working on one. It's not as straight forward as one would want it to be though. There's a lot of content and it's kind of a monster to build. But they're working on it.
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    Opinions on First Lite Clothing

    Have you tried their newer blends of merino shirts? The durability got better with those for sure.