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    Cold feet in the Whitetail Stand

    Don’t over think the feet, they key is managing your core temp and perspiration. I’ve found this becomes easier to do with more body fat than it was in my lean years. Hunting Wisconsin winters for over 30 years, still hunting, sometimes below zero wind chill, sometimes dark to dark. Here’s...
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    Concealed carry?

    If you carry it on your thigh and your coat partially covers the handle - it's concealed. Don't risk it, get CC permit.
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    Mathews 2021 Bow Line-Up

    This time every year, I look with much anticipation, what my next Bow will be... This time every year, I like my Solo cam just a little bit more.
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    Mathews 2021 Bow Line-Up

    Agreed, there's a reason they have been keeping their bows at or above the 4lb mark for so many years. The 'Dead in the Hand' feel would go out the window in a lighter version.
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    Looking for better blood trails

    Slick Trick magnums!
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    Freezer for Trips

    The freezer would work but, if it requires bring a trailer, I wouldn’t. Dry ice in coolers does the trick just fine if you go 3/4 meat 1/4 dry ice.
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    Bent gun barrel from airline travel...

    Reminds me of the fishing pole I got at baggage. Case was creased like it was bent over and straightened. It was a super heavy rigid cardboard tube, strength of a 2x4. My guess is, it was sticking out of the luggage trolley and caught a pillar in route.
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    Crispi West River II (Scheels) ?

    The boots I’m thinking temps in that area during that time, can range from 30 - 80 degrees. In the same day. Not what I would consider worth the weight of insulated boots, but I’m from Wisconsin. Being from the sout, the outfitter probably would rather you ge too hot than too cold, so...
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    Crispi West River II (Scheels) ?

    2nd the uninsulated boot is what you will want for elk hunt. Big and clunky insulated boots are good for still hunting, not hiking. When being mostly on the move, you be be plenty warm. Ask you outfitter how many miles you can expect to walk. Crispi is a great boot for inclines. Scheels a...
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    Calibers Ballistically Similar to the 300 WM/WSM

    30.06, 308, 30/30
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    Storing a chest freezer outside all winter?

    It will work as you can see above but... in extreme cold weather conditions, it is not running efficiently and it is hard on the compressor. If you are in the market to buy one, you might want to make sure it is rated for extreme cold. If it is, it will be cheaper to run and last longer. The...
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    A little humor to start the day.

    Grilled venison! Mmmm
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    Weighted Vest Running

    Not sure what you are training for. Agree with the 'running is hard on you body' comment. In the past, when prepping for backpacking or a mountain hunt, I would wear my backpack with an 80lb bag of rock salt for my water softener in it, doing walks, yardwork, mowing and stairway repetitions...
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    Spot Hogg sight tape speeds

    There are too many variables that affect trajectory, FPS is only one of them. A FPS calculation may get you in the ballpark, but that's it. You would still have to verify and adjust.
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    Help with Leupold VX-5HD Reticle

    Another satisfied VX5HD 3-15x44 owner here. The CDS system makes the Boone & Crockett crosshairs unnecessary IMO. Keep it simple, go with the Duplex.