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    Gun room ideas

    I’m turning a 6’ x 8’ room into an ammo & hunting storage room. I don’t need storage for clothes, they’re going somewhere else. Same with guns, I have a separate safe they can go in if needed. What are some ideas for cabinets, shelves, etc for storage. You can see I really only have space in...
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    Sold FL Sanctuary - XL - Fusion

    Bump. Reasonable offers welcome
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    Where are the Nosler bullets?

    How are the blems? Do you shoot them as practice only or are they still sufficient for loading hunting rounds?
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    Sold MBG sight

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    WTS Sitka LS button up

    XL worn a few times but good shape. $30 PayPal add fees if you do G&S
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    Sold Schnee beartooth 200g - 11.5W

    Brand new. Never worn outside. No wax or leather treatment yet applied. They’ve been in the box in a conditioned space since I bought them. I have an extra pair of laces with them. $285 shipped lower 48 Paypal add for the fees
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    Sold MBG sight

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    Sold FL Sanctuary - XL - Fusion

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    Sold Sitka HW - Sub alpine - XL

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    Sold 30-06 Ammo (MN only)

    If you do end up shipping I’ll take it all.
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    Sitka 2022 Rumors

    Why is their “early season” and almost all their whitetail clothing only in the EV2 pattern? Offer more of the whitetail oriented gear in solids. Also. You do realize by starting threads like this we’re just giving free consulting advice to these companies right? Free advice to them for us to...
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    drive or fly from the east coast to central utah elk hunt.

    What’s the best way to get the rack home if you fly? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk