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    First Antelope with my two new hunting partners

    Well done. Those hunts are the best.
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    2023 NRL Hunter Match Schedule

    Yes. The photos of me are from my buddy's wife, who was walking around with her baby in a front pack.
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    2023 NRL Hunter Match Schedule

    Spectators have been encouraged at the matches I shot.
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    How much hunting does your wife let you get by with?

    A couple of things we do that make it easy in our house. Everything is scheduled on a shared Google calendar, so there aren't any surprises or missed obligations. We have regularly scheduled activities that my wife enjoys. For example, I go with her and her dad every Tuesday to trivia night at...
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    Exo Mountain K4?

    You can get them from Aziak equipment.
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    2023 NRL Hunter Match Schedule

    NRL Hunter
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    Antelope Shoulders On The Traeger

    I feel it's no different than adding beef trim to my burger which I always do.
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    Exo Mountain K4?

    I'm a big fan of that stretch pocket too.
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    Exo Mountain K4?

    I was kinda disappointed too until I remembered I haven't adjusted my K3 frame once since my initial testing. Then I realized it didn't really matter to me.
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    Mule Deer Score Estimate

    I would also guess he's about 130"-135" and 2.5-3.5 years old.
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    Rattle Bag VS Antlers

    I'm curious if any of you have seen a difference using the "Black Rack" vs real antlers.
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    Hoffman Mountaineer Pac Boot Review **Updated 1/30/22**

    Let us know what you think after you use them. I have another ND coyote hunt scheduled for late November, so I'll be wearing mine for at least a week again.
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    2023 NRL Hunter Match Schedule

    Here are a few photos from the matches. It's really a blast. My buddy Ken.
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    2022 CO Muzzy Hunt

    I don't worry about black bears at all.
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    Black Rifle Coffee, Ready-to-Drink, Instant, Steep Bags Review

    I'm excited to try some out!