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    How to pick a glassing location when E-Scouting?

    While the gentlemen above were commenting on 1.5-2mi spotting with 10s. I'll point out that I don't think anyone will tell you spotting over a mile with 10s is the "ideal" distance. I'd say out to 800yds is probably the sweet spot for most folks. Over that your stretching it and can make it work...
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    Are quilts the biggest load of crap ever? Emperor's new clothes?

    That's perhaps an underrated difference with the quilts. It would have been father down on my list of upgrades/purchases to try out if I had to save $450-500 for a similar quality SG, WM, FF bag. With a minor black Friday discount, the quilt came in at around $300. In a sense, that's not much...
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    Are quilts the biggest load of crap ever? Emperor's new clothes?

    I just got a quilt (primarily with an eye on the weight savings) this winter and have a couple though after early testing. 20° rating, I used it at the coldest on a night that got to somewhere in the mid-20s. Was very pleased. I think I was hitting right at my personal "comfort" rating with the...
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    QUESTIONS FOR KUIU - podcast

    Intrigued by the thought of a wind-layer vest option. Like the idea of the still-breathable & lightweight Peleton 240 Vest. How does the fleece bonding technology compare to a full-on wind laminate? Any chance of seeing an ultralight rain set in the 7-8oz each range like old Ultra NX anytime in...
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    Alternative to the Jetstream jacket

    There's definitely going to be similar jackets in the lineup for almost any outdoor company. Arc'teryx Solano and Mountain Equipment Vulcan specifically use the Gore Windstopper, like the Sitka Jetstream and Mountain jackets do. Even if a company doesn't use Gore, many have another "wind...
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    First lite brooks down

    I believe First Lite calls the Brooks a midlayer piece. Maybe even considering it an "active" insulation layer if I remember correctly. That would explain the 20° suggested rating for what one would otherwise describe as a fairly lightweight standalone puffy.
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    Hoodie Problems

    I haven't had them in hand, but Kryptek seems to have some looser hood options. Even their top of the line Altitude hoodie looks that way, might check them out.
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    Kryptek Altitude: Early To Mid Season Clothing Review ***Updated 2/11/20***

    My impression based on video, advertising, & podcast bits and tips is that they're giving it a long run at the reduced price point, seeing how the market responds to it as they try to bring down their production cost anyhow. Probably shooting to strike a better balance between more consistent...
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    Outdoor Vision Ridgetop VS the Adak Bino Harness - Head to Head Review

    @Jordan Budd Hey Jordan, any chance you could post a picture of how you rigged up the tech pouch you mentioned with either of these harnesses?
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    Kryptek Altitude: Early To Mid Season Clothing Review ***Updated 2/11/20***

    @C.Ryan Hey man, any chance of getting a weight in the Bora vest? Curious about that with the sale coming up in the next week. Also, still madness to me that weights aren't on the website, especially when you've already tossed half the Altitude lineup onto a scale. Thanks for your help!
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    Coues deadhead score?

    A couple more for context.
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    Coues deadhead score?

    I could Google a scoring guide, but figure someone might like seeing it. Really threw me off on what it was when I found it as I was in mule deer mode scouting. Figure the blading and mass might mean he was old and even with the effed up left side he seems a lot bigger than the only euro...
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    Hoffman Boot Review/Giveaway - Tell us what you want.

    Very cool GAW and great looking boots. FYI, heard about it on the Rokcast. 1. 8" 2. Non-insulated 3. Waterproof 4. A stiff sole with at least moderate flexibility in the upper. Not a fan of sore feet from strolling through rocky terrain with soft sole boots, but like a more breathable boot...
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    Kryptek Altitude: Early To Mid Season Clothing Review ***Updated 2/11/20***

    That's a great comparison. Thank you for taking the time. I noticed the hood had the looser style, but hadn't really thought about the sleeve cut. So it sounds like it's built with the features of a lightweight outer layer in mind vs the Halstead/Heavyweight being more specific as layering...