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    I am an enigma in today's society. No tats or piercings. Haven't found anything important enough to permanently affix to my body. I doubt I'll forget my wife or kids names anytime soon so.....
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    Nikon are getting out of rifle scopes!

    Oh darn...
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    Vehicle Advice

    And if it's an auto, check the trans fluid....if it looks like a strawberry milkshake beware.
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    Yellowstone Wolf Project Report

    Lost me at the population reduction globalist talking point......
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    MT Elk hunting on the front? Is it worth it with all the grizzly encounters?

    Always keep in mind the most far left dont want people in wild places (think large population centers) and want less people. This is a win/win for the radical kooks. For me it wouldn't be worth it, since having kiddos things change.
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    Mr buddy or Wood burning

    I've used a mr buddy as high as 9k ft. I only use it to heat the tent up in the morning and right before going to sleep. Going to try the wood stove route next season.
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    Those Using Woodstoves In Tents

    I'm looking at an 18" kifaru cylinder stove, but the door size concerns me...also the ease of setup is a concern. But the weight and cost is nice.
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    Cell Phone VS GPS

    I carry both. One is none. Oh and a compass...just in case
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    Asking where you hunt

    Gify (go f yourself) every time.
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    Doodoo id please

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    2019 Kuiu “inner circle” sale (November)

    Same. But I will say those 6yr old attacks are better than the new version.
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    What can you tell me about this AR?

    What can I tell you about it? Dont buy it or waste any money to acquire it. Looks to be junk.
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    Hunt "The Best General Units in Wyoming" Every Year

    Yep, nothing like hot spotting to the 10th degree.
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    Cottontail recipe?

    Dredge quarters and saddle in flour, pan fry to crisp them up, then toss them in a crockpot with onions, garlic, celery, and carrots. Pull the bones out when it's done. Good eating.
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    Will to Live: The Gary Edinger Story.

    I reckon the world needs more people like Mr Gary Edinger.