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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

    Sold to NWHunter84. Thanks
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    WTB WTB Kifaru Argali

    Bump for a great member needing an Argali for an upcoming hunt!
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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

    Thank you sir.
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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

    Great combo! The 5500 also compresses down nicely for 3 day or less scenario at minimal weight over the 3500.
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    WTS Kifaru Markhor Multicam

    SOLD to Red7006
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    WTS Kifaru Markhor Multicam

    Scope pocket SOLD Thanks
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    WTS First Lite Uncompahgre Vest Dry Earth Medium.

    Medium Uncompahgre Vest. A couple years old and mostly hung in closet or worn to office is all. Fit is more like a large. Non smoking home. SPF $80 Paypal TYD USA
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    WTS Kifaru Markhor Multicam

    Kifaru Markhor bag Multicam. Lower grab handle, meat shelf, belt pouch tabs on snow collar, scope pocket tabs on sides. Catch and release, Appears unused. With MC scope pocket, SOLD $150 Paypal TYD USA ($125 bag only).
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    WTS Exo K2 5500 Multicam

    Exo Multicam K2 5500 roll top bag, frame, lid, belt pouch, and (2) belts. Medium belt is latest K2 and an earlier K2 small belt. Nice clean set up. $SOLD Paypal TYD lower 48. I can adjust price for a buyer that may not need both belts or belt pouch. The bag, frame and lid and one belt will stay...
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    Sold Aimpoint Pro Optic "BNIB"

    I'll take this. text sent...
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    Smartwater bottle holder recommendations?

    Check Hill People Gear 3" bottle holster also. Made for belts with Pals webbing.
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    sporks, foons and eatin Long for bag meals. Dedicated spoon and fork. Light and super sturdy. Lil expensive for a spoon, makes me keep track of it!
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    WTS Katabatic gear flex 22

    Pm sent...