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    WTS WTS Kifaru Grab It II

    I'll take it..back! Just tell me it's available...
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    Kifaru woodsman meat shelf

    There is no 'elevated' common loops on the new frames. There is a pair of common loops together on the bottom of the frame. Move your straps in pic 2 to the bottom loop. The top common loops will then be accessible for the meat shelf. Hope that makes sense! Check Woodsman/ Reckoning and newest...
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    Kifaru shoulder strap pocket?

    Take a look at Hill People Gear's small GP pouch. Made by First Spear in USA. Similar to the discontinued Kifaru pouch.
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    WTS Kifaru Tahr Coyote Brown

    Thanks elkstabber and mrbillbrown! Sold to asnielsen32
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    WTB Kifaru Sherman

    Pm sent...
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    WTB ISO: Small Omni Kifaru belt

    Hello, I have an unpadded CB omni belt. Single delta strap per side. Center pull, old style cinch buckles. In perfect shape. $30 bucks shipped? Let me know if it's something you can use. Thanks, Todd
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    WTS Kifaru Tahr Coyote Brown

    Price drop...
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    WTS Kifaru Tahr Coyote Brown

    Monday morning bump...