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    Best belt for your pants to hike in?

    Check out Arcade belts
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    Mtn Dew

    I prefer sugar free energy drinks if thats what youre drinking it for, and ones with increased electrolytes and vitamins, ect are much better. In short however, the answer is no, it will not be detrimental to your elk hunt to drink a soda here and there. What is more detrimental is how many you...
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    WTS/WTT Patagonia Nano Puff Hoody

    What color is it? Looks to be a steel blue?
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    WTS Peloton 118

    This sold?
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    WTS KUIU Peleton 200 hoody 1/4 zip Verde2 Large new $80 TYD

    Sure looks like verde 1.0 to me
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    WTS FS: New Stone Glacier Grumman down jacket

    I messaged him a few days ago and havent heard anything back yet.
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    Kuiu Peloton 97 vs FL Kiln 250 Hoodies

    The 240 vest would be a nice addition i would think, even if you brought the 97 and the 200, I plan to use my 97 for after the ascent when my Aerowool SS is soaked with sweat, till it dries out. PLUS you'd probably still be lighter with all 3 of those things in comparison to the Kiln and QZ...
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    Kuiu Peloton 97 vs FL Kiln 250 Hoodies

    Same, I'm almost always in a SS if I know I'm going to be working hard. I think the 200 will be a go to as the temps drop! That's virtually identical to my setup for early season archery. Except i always bring a Windstopper layer with me, for early season its my Sitka Mountain vest and I may...
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    Looking for a do it all pant

    I dont think youll be dissapointed. One of these days i will pick up some attack pants in a solid color just to try them out.
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    Kuiu Peloton 97 vs FL Kiln 250 Hoodies

    For that matter also, if you absolutely wanted to have the extra layer, the weight of the QZ and the Kiln being 24oz you could go 97 QZ/hoodie with a 240 hooded or hoodless and still be substantially lighter with way more warmth/versatility.
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    Kuiu Peloton 97 vs FL Kiln 250 Hoodies

    I've owned both but not used both at the same time, if that makes sense. I'd venture to say the Peloton 97 is equally as warm as the Kiln. I ran the Kiln all last season (over a SS Aerowool) as my mid layer until it got really cold, then i went to the Sawtooth. I wasn't unhappy with it by any...
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    Looking for a do it all pant

    Having owned both the Sitka Mountain pant and FL Corrugate guide pants along with multiple different pairs of KUIU pants (not the attack ironically), I would 100% go KUIU for pants every time. If you're one to want your camo to match just get a solid color option. I personally like the Alpine...
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    Rain Coat for under $250.00

    +1 for the Sitka Cloudburst. Being up here in the panhandle as well and knowing first hand the level of brush busting you're talking about, I can attest to the Cloudburst holding up to whatever I could throw at it and still being decent on weight/breath ability. If you wanted to go with a...
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    What system to wear Sitka,kuiu, first lite?

    Having tried many brands different products side by side these are the absolutes in my opinion: FL Aerowool for next to skin KUIU for pants/ zip off bottom mid layers KUIU or Sitka for synthetic mid layers (Kuiu if ultralight is a concern) Sitka (Gore Windstopper) for wind blocking anything. I...
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    Stone Glacier's Grumman Goose Down Jacket Review

    So I wear a M in all FL gear, a L in most KUIU gear and either a L or XL in Sitka gear. I’m a very athletic build 180lbs 5’9” with broad shoulders and big arms. Should I be going L or XL with the SG to give me a good fit for around town but enough room for some layering?