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    WTS SKRE Ptarmigan Down jacket in Summit L

    Yes it is.
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    SKRE Rain Gear?

    That is one thing i can say about SKRE. As much gear as I've purchased over the years from all the major manufacturers (and that's a lot), Mike at SKRE has been by far the most helpful and their VIP warranty in regards to damage and returns, way above par for this industry.
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    SKRE Rain Gear?

    I have the Cabelas space rain but have also owned the Sitka Dewpoint, which is slightly more durable feeling but i didn't notice a big enough of a difference to warrant the cost. However i also own the Sitka Cloudburst which i would say is most definitely worth its weight and is a very feature...
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    New Mexico September archery clothing Lincoln Forest

    My understanding is the only bases any warmer than the 97 are the 210 merino by a marginal amount and the 200s
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    New Mexico September archery clothing Lincoln Forest

    The 97 is far warmer than the 118, and lighter. You won’t be wearing a base when it’s hot or during higher output, only early morning or nights in camp, maybe glassing you’d toss them on. Im just a big fan of the 97 warmth:weight
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    New Mexico September archery clothing Lincoln Forest

    If they'll fit you I would scoop up the KUIU Peloton 97 bottoms out of the outlet! They're a steal at $60 and ridiculously lightweight for the warmth you get. I personally would skip the mid layer and opt for a light puffy jacket/vest or if you think you'll be more active maybe consider the...
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    First lite obsidian pant

    These pants are awesome for their regulatory qualities, especially without hip zips, but i couldn't justify keeping mine. With the amount of brush busting we do in north Idaho, they just wouldn't stand up. I ended up going to the corrugates mid way through last season. This year i switched to...
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    Last week of September Montana Elk

    With the weather being so unpredictable as mentioned; i don't see any reason not to have at least a light puffy on hand. They weigh so little that in my opinion its stupid not to have one in your pack. For that matter a light merino beanie and gloves can go a long way keeping you comfortable as...
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    Gloves and Durability

    They arent real light weight but im gonna be giving the new KUIU axis gloves a run this season. I dont use gloves much in archery season, maybe just for the quad rides in and out, early morning and wood splitting or whatever but i can really see myself using them a ton come later seasons. When...
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    Cool Weather Stationary Pants

    KUIU Axis pants if you're going to be at all mobile. They're like the KUIU guide pants mated with the Sitka Timberline and are my go to late season pant given their fleece backer and waterproof seat/knees. I've sat for a couple hours with just a light merino base layer under them in sub freezing...
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    SKRE Rain Gear?

    I had this rain gear for a good part of last season and i was impressed with its ability to keep you dry. The durability was good as well considering its weight, however i did manage to tear a small bit in the lower leg but in all fairness up here in north Idaho it takes a good beating. However...
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    WTS SKRE Ptarmigan Down jacket in Summit L

    Price drop. $170TYD
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    WTS SKRE Ptarmigan Down jacket in Summit L

    Like new, only ridden around in my pack and been deployed a few times around camp. Comes with stuff sack and SKRE lifetime warranty. Summit pattern. Asking $175 shipped. PM me for pics
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    Colorado mid September Clothes

    If you already have next to skin layers, a mid layer (Chama), rain jacket and pants (if you like those), my next move would be an insulation layer. If you’re going to be fairly active I’d go Kuiu kenai jacket or vest. If you’re more concerned with weight and run hot as you say down is a good...
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    Body fat %

    Its so dependent on the person. I'm 5'9" 180-185ish and probably about 10% BF, i'm damn strong for my weight and my cardio is decent. I regularly ruck with 60-100# packs. I think i do pretty well on the mountain and go regularly into places most people wouldn't dare. BUT, that doesn't mean...