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    $1500 KUIU GIVEAWAY 🔥

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    Cda guys....POWDER!

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    : UPDATE: 28 Nosler Federal Terminal Ascent Ammo

    I just saw the 28 nosler terminal accent available on Federal’s website. Hopefully still there for you!
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    Iron Will - Pick 2 Giveaway!

    W125 and K1
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    Impacts are on the table.

    Thanks for the info Customweld! 👍
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    Old fng from MT

    I’m glad this popped back up! Missed it before. My wife was wondering why I was laughing in the bathroom this morning and called me a weirdo. So when I came out I read it to her and she laughed too. You made my day! Thanks Charlie, from another old guy in Eastern Washington.
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    Maven B.5 18X56

    Thanks for the video! Well done as usual. Have the Mavens in my cart...