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    18 minutes of deer hunting with a trad bow

    Nice video. Are you hunting with expandable broadheads? Looked like field points when that first buck came in.. but I’m guess expandable?
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    Sticks and stones....

    I would say shooting them into a pile of sand would work just fine..
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    Mid-Day Rut Movement

    When the weather is right deer move off and on all day. During rut bucks move constantly until they find doe in heat, then he moves with her. When she is bred, he is on move again.... until rut is over.
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    Traditional harvests

    I hear ya.. I’m not criticizing..I tell everybody that bow hunts.. draw on every animal that comes within range.. squirrels, turkey, deer, anything.. and see if you can get to anchor without alarming animal.. I’m not saying shoot everything.. but that will let you know how careful you must be...
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    Traditional harvests

    I see these couple femoral artery hits.. where these on purpose? Or more of a “ahh shit....thank goodness” type of moments? I only ask because the first doe I killed was taken in the same manor...” what the hell? You frickin idiot... you should let down, etc....wait, there’s a blood trail.”...
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    Trad bow advice

    I didn’t like satori. I think DAS is hard to beat when it comes to 17” riser.. Different strokes for different folks.. you soon realize the preference of trad equipment varies greatly between the archers that use it..but it is fun, sometimes expensive wading through it.. it helps buying a...
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    Trad bow advice

    What’s your DL?
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    WTS Unmodified, unused Sit Drag seat

    Brand new Sit Drag. Only taken out of bag to look at.. 30$ tyd
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    WTS Swazi Nahanni

    I have one of these, they are killer
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    New to Recurves - Questions

    I have had a das 17” since I started , 5-6 years ago..personally I didn’t care for satori.. but lots of dudes love them.. thats great.. if I had a 29” draw.. and I had a riser already... I would buy a couple sets of TT Blackmax 2.0 in longs.. 35# and 45#.. those cranked down at your draw would...
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    January 2021 Trip

    Deer season would still be open in KY, I think I’m going to Big South Fork for 3-4 days.. but weather is extremely unpredictable.. could be -5* could be 55*... can never tell, it was 75 today!! What’s the milestone?
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    Adding a berger hole?

    Your tiller will be effected as stated above but also it takes a certain amount past center to make up from installing a rest in the first place.. the toughest thing you could put on may be a nap flipper 2? If your looking to get closer to center then strip off what’re plate your using and go...
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    WTS The pay it forward / free gear thread

    I would like the Columbia wool pants.. I can cover shipping as well
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    Best pack strategy for $300, new western hunter?

    Mystery ranch.. best value for money, better layout in my opinion anyway.. I had kifaru frame, I liked it, very nice, I went through a few bags, Stryker was the last one, and I’d much rather be packing a MR pintler..