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    How much hunting does your wife let you get by with?

    I am blessed, my wife and I are like-minded and encourage each other to pursue hobbies that make us happy. I can go hunting as often/long as I like. But I try to find a good balance. When I am home I try to do things that make her happy. Might sound dumb and I am ready to get flamed for it so...
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    Why Guys Quit on the Mountain

    Couple weeks ago! AKA right at the beginning of Archery Elk season basically......
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    Under Armour Outlet Sale (Including Ridge Reaper Puffy Pants)

    Seems like a great deal. 800 fill power goose down. I wish they told how much down they used. Thanks!
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    Base Layers?

    I've transitioned to Synthetic if I am moving. Merino wool if I am stationary. Merino Wool - Smart Wool Synthetic - Sitka
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    Why Guys Quit on the Mountain

    I stumbled upon this guys youtube and really like his stuff.
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    Why Guys Quit on the Mountain

    I never understood how they could quit because of missing their family. Aaaaaaand then I had a baby girl........
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    WTS Arcteryx Beta AR Large Shell $300

    If anyone has any questions let me know!
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    WTS Sitka Jetstream Subalpine (MED)

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    WTS Arcteryx Beta AR Large Shell $300

    Midnight Hawk. No holes or signs of wear. Always taken care of. I washed it with a specialty product when I first got it and applied a rain repellent recommended on the arcteryx website just because I don’t always trust factory application’s.
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    WTS Arcteryx Beta AR Large Shell $300

    I have an Arcteryx Beta AR Large shell for $300 or best offer. I bought it thinking it would fit into my system but its too big for me. I have only worn it a hand full of times. Will upload pictures later if there is interest. $300 OBO
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    Rain gear in spike camp

    I would suggest posting your rain gear question in the clothing thread for more responses. I am a fan of the Sitka Dew Point. If I can remain in one spot for a time then use a tarp. Rain gear is only so effective and you can still end up wet from either sweating or the rain finding a way...
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    Garmin releases the Messenger

    The beta testing for that doesn't doesn't even start until late next year. We still have some time before that comes. I'm not holding my breath just quite yet. T-mobile has been some of the worst cellular coverage I have ever experienced. But I am willing to accept it because of how much I hate...
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    Spokane/Idaho Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Breeder

    I've trained different breeds of dogs but this was my first bird dog breed. If I were you, I would digest as much bird dog training as I could before I got the pup. Explore different methods of teaching, what to do, what not to do. An example would be gun introduction. Had I not done my research...