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    Lanai, Hawaii Axis Deer

    Going have fun archery...choke deer. Aim shoulder low.
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    WTS Pre64 Model 70 Transition Era

    Beautiful Pre-64. Wish I was closer to buy that cash.
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    Favorite Axis deer recipe?

    Teriyaki is da bomb
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    Lanai Axis

    My buddy who lives on Lanai said there is CHOKE (alot) of deer out since all but residents are allowed to hunt currently. There is a lottery and only 75 people for archery and rifle per session.
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    Lanai Axis

    State Axis and mouflon is open for lottery. No more than 75 hunters. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Quiver for VXR28

    Thanks for the images. I think maybe the Mathews HD or Tight Spot so I can remove it while hiking. I just like how light the Q-Lite seems.
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    Quiver for VXR28

    Have a 2020 VXR28. Current quiver is a trophy ridge and there is no adjustability to go higher so my nocks aren't in the dirt. Want to go higher which I was curious will the Mathews Q-lite allow this for a 29.5" draw to not have the nocks in the dirt or look for more the Mathews HD or...
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    Shipping a gun to yourself

    Howzit braddah...not certain if still on leave but you can purchase out of state and just register a gun in Hawaii from out of state. Still need to do the stupid appointment to go to HPD if you can get one.
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    Best wild game meat

    What island you on Jardo? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Transporting Meat in Cooler

    I seen a guy on Molokai or Maui shoot a pig or axis deer and throw ice and run water through the cooler till water was clear. Said it was real tender. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Inov-8 Roclite G 345 GTX Boot Review

    Ryan how are the fit in these? I have used Inov-8's alot and have found the same as wiiawiwb in that their sizing has narrowed some which I need to upsize. I have the F-lite 235 sz 11 and they feel a bit tight, the mudclaw I got an 11.5 but is too small. Looking at the Roclite 400's but...
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    3 Pack Showdown - Advice needed!

    If anything check the buy and sell here and buy a used bag/frame or whatever you can find. Pretty good deals can be had.
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    Paul is awesome to work with. I can definitely see how it is a narrow FOV but I usually use the Swarvo slc's for scanning and if want a closer look then would pull out the spotters. Also, spotter for rifle target shooting. I am curious if the Kowa C554 case is neoprene or cordura.
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    Kowa 553 vs. Razor HD 11-33x50

    What case do you run on it? The C554 is it neoprene or cordura?
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    Kowa 553 neoprene case?

    Was that the O-56 flip cap? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk