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    Side pockets

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    Side pockets

    It’s close but it’s shorter wider and narrower, without the pouch on the like the other pockets. I was just curious if anyone is making them.
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    Side pockets

    I am wondering if anyone is making a pocket that is designed similar to the pockets on the Kifaru nomad 2 and fulcrum but attach to the frame via k clips or buckles and uses compression straps to suck tight to the bag or around a load? 3 tab loops on each side and a center zip.
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    Sold Maven S2 Angled

    S2? Or S1A?
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    WTS/WTT Kifaru 44 mag

    Do you have a price for the 44?
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    WTS Minox 10x43 BR

    Free bump. Great binos. I’ve had this same model for 6 years. Killer deal especially when you compare these to new binos in the $450 price range.
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    WTS Bitzenburger jig

    I’ll take it. PM sent.
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    WTS Kifaru Ma Deuce

    What’s the price for the Duce?
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    WTS 26”tactical frame in CB and MC Fulcrum

    NEvermind it looks like the newest with a meat shelf.
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    WTS 26”tactical frame in CB and MC Fulcrum

    What generation Fulcrum is it?
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    Sold 24in Duplex Tactical Frame RG

    Black frame sheet = Hunter Tan = tactical.
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    WTS Kifaru Body Bag

    They are $248 new on sale. What am I missing?
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    Sold sold

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    mah deuce