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    WTS Kifaru Body Bag

    They are $248 new on sale. What am I missing?
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    mah deuce

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    mah deuce

    I haven’t seen any photos of the prototype does anyone have any? Is it basically an 88 or 77 mag?
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    Kifaru Pack Woodsman vs Reckoning

    The 44 mag or Reckoning should both be good options. The collapse really small and should be big enough for your backpack hunts. I personally would stay away from the woodsman, smaller and no side pockets (unless you buy them) for your spotter and tripod.
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    WTS Kifaru 22 MAG

    Aren’t they that price new in the den?
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    WTS/WTT Kifaru Fulcrum Coyote Brown

    Kifaru Fulcrum Coyote Brown with chamber pocket $310 tyd lower 48 Will trade for a 44 mag in coyote plus cash on your end. Located in NW Washington
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    Kifaru 22 MAG - Gen 2 just announced

    I like the layout of the new 22 mag... Xmas comes early?
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    NM Muzzleloader Success

    Cool bull
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    First bull elk!

    Awesome experience. Congrats
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    WTS/WTT Wts wtt duplex light CB sold

    Stay length and belt size?
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    WTS Kifaru Sawtooth and Medium Box Stove

    Tut and sawtooth use the same length pipe.