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    Sold iPhone 11 and 13 phoneskope

    $45 TYD for iPhone 13 good as new
  2. Kyle Wheeler

    Vortex deals on Sierra.

    4% on active junky for Sierra.
  3. Kyle Wheeler

    Sold iPhone 11 and 13 phoneskope

    iPhone 11 sold. 13 still available $45 TYD
  4. Kyle Wheeler

    Sold iPhone 11 and 13 phoneskope

    Sorry this is for regular 13.
  5. Kyle Wheeler

    Sold iPhone 11 and 13 phoneskope

    On left is for iPhone 11 used for sure but works 100%. $25 TYD On right is good as new for iPhone 13 (Non pro model) $50 TYD.
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    Rangefinder Decision

    It’s hard to explain but the Maven does not range up and down in scan mode. The razor does. I would call Maven to ask them to explain field and forest and scan feature if you went that route. I do miss being able to scan up and down but the reticle is incredible on the Maven I don’t mind just...
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    WTS FYI- Tax changes for 2022 on PayPal, venmo, etc

    Interesting. From a quick read it looks like this is for G&S on PayPal not friends and family but need to confirm. If selling gear G&S may want to keep tabs on price paid so can net any profit/loss on schedule C. I am going to research this more but it seems like the IRS is assuming anyone who...
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    Rangefinder Decision

    Both have lifetime warranty on electronics as well. I have used both and actually like them both. The 7X is really nice for ranging. I think the Maven glass is a tad brighter and I like the different reticle options on the Maven. The wheel is surprisingly intuitive. It was a little hard getting...
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    Sold 6.5 and 308 brass plus a few rounds

    $50 TYD for everything
  10. Kyle Wheeler

    Do It All Scope for $1000?

    Not sure but I have really been impressed with them for the money. I hope it’s SFP in a lighter weight option. I would love a 2.5-15 with their floating dot.
  11. Kyle Wheeler

    Do It All Scope for $1000?

    Lots of good info here. Makes me want to try a Credo. I still think it’s worth waiting to see what Tract does with the 2.5-15. I think it’s releasing soon.

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