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    What’s the best wild game meat?

    One of the best for you nutritionally/metabolically is caribou. Best blind tasting winner for the Alaskans I've offered it to is Muskox. Probably down in the weeds too much for couch readers, but this study was important and valid to your question...
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    Why cardio ain't enough for the backcountry

    This is a practical scientific and exercise physiological key to your backcountry strength and resilience. lb
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    Guide for Pelt Care

    I produced this video years back. 3-disc set covers bear and caribou with demonstration in the field AND a proper education from a taxidermist to show the finer details of the processes. Very well done and extremely detailed.
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    2022 Caribou hunt booked! Will moose be around too??

    Shoot a griz, even the smaller ones. That region needs to be culled of bear. Those small arctic griz are fast and nimble killers. Many hunters pass on them because they aren't huge, but if season allows and you have a tag you'd be doing the ungulates a favor.
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    Eating less on hunts?

    hey fellas. Science partners and I have been studying the energy requirements (and health benefits) of backcountry hunting. If you haven't read our's right up this topic's 10-ring:
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    Stove vs Heavier Sleeping bag

    Consider adding a sleeping bag liner like a twin flat sheet or polyester bag liner. That'll warm ya much more at night inside your normal bag.
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    Renting an Arctic Oven and stove on Kodiak?

    I'll admit I have fought off buying an Arctic Oven because of the weight factor. However, I've spent scores of days in them on kodiak and they have proven to be a top contender in wind, sideways rain followed by snow and also sunshine. The inner liner is sort of like an absorbent pad and fire...
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    Central Asia 2022

    Hunted Tajik some years ago (maybe 8-9 years back). Your weapon choice is perfectly adequate as long as you can take long rock-stable shots usually uphill at sick angles. Just know your weapon. The oxygen dep does a number on your "normal" shooting cadence. Take a pack of Wriggly's chewing...
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    Renting an Arctic Oven and stove on Kodiak?

    Might call Roland with Andrew Airways and see if they still rent camps. Or this guy:
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    Dalton Highway Hunt Rent

    But also agree with Geewhiz about the Uhaul options. Enclosed road-side camper option is money
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    Dalton Highway Hunt Rent

    Sometimes it is better to ask for forgiveness rather than permission with vehicle rentals.
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    Dalton Highway Hunt Rent

    Airport Rental has F250s and perhaps even 4-door rigs
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    Hold on to your GMU 23/26A Shorts boys

    too early still. Decision on this WSA is spring '22
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    2022 Kotz Caribou Booked - Bear Fence or No

    No black bears north of the Kobuk valley, only griz until you reach <7 miles or so from the arctic ocean coastline, then occasional polars.
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    2022 Kotz Caribou Booked - Bear Fence or No

    Ive had so many fox encounters like what VaHntr described (bold)...would surprise me to know wolves actually committed that act, Anything is possible though.