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    Tripod Rifle Clamp/Saddle

    It’s another thing to carry but for getting my 6 yo son shooting I bought a BOG Death Grip and it does surprisingly well with even my big rifles. I clamp my rifles much closer to the mag then shown in this picture, it’s only that way to make the barrel stamp visible in that particular picture.
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    Hornady ELDX at longer distances

    Never seen an eld-x open so little. Typically at longer ranges they stay together in me experience, up closer the core does leave the jacket and expansion is fast like a Berger. These are 200 eld-x from a 300 wsm with MV of 2985 fps recovered from a bear at 488yds.
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    What bullets are you shooting this season?

    28 Nosler - 180 berger 6.5 GAP -147 eld-m 375 H&H - 300 accubond 257 Wby -100 TTSX
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    WTB WTB Kimber Talkeetna

    I keep debating selling mine to buy a 416 but haven’t made up my mind yet.
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    Let's see those 375's

    Kimber Talkeetna with a NXS 2.5-10
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    R26 temp sensitivity test

    R26 has been pretty temp stable on my testing from 20-80 degrees. Stiffer loads pushing max have been known to get squirrelly about 85 degrees though.
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    WTT NF Atacr 4-16x50 Mil-C

    $1900 shipped for scope, $2100 with rings . Can add cash on my end for the right trade
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    WTT NF Atacr 4-16x50 Mil-C

    Pm’s answered
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    WTS Nightforce ATARC 5-25x56mm

    What reticle is it?
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    WTT NF Atacr 4-16x50 Mil-C

    $2200 shipped with rings, $2000 scope only.
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    WTT NF Atacr 4-16x50 Mil-C

    NF C618 Atacar 4-16x50 Mil-C This scope was only on my 300 wsm for about 100 rds. It is in very good shape with only a few very light scuffs on the caps from going in and out of the safe. The Glass is pristine as it has had Tenabraex caps on it 24/7. It currently is mounted in NF light weight...