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    First Mule Deer Hunt

    This was my first year being able to pull a tag and hunt mule deer in Wyoming after making several western trips to do Pronghorn and OTC Elk. If I was to keep it short....I am absolutely hooked. On the first 2 days we spotted some nice deer but were never able to close the distance or get a...
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    Also a consistent thing I find in this thread is people saying that they are more concerned with people than animals. As a police officer I can confirm that people are much more dangerous than animals.
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    Creepy experiences in the backcountry

    My buddy pistol whipped a black bear that was trying to get into his tent. When I woke up to him yelling I asked him what happened and he told me "Get out of your tent and check". I went back to sleep and did not get out of the tent.
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    So turns out after more testing and experimenting the only problem I had was the vanes hitting the cable guard system. I can shoot Blazer vanes I just need to have the cock vane at about 1 o clock. Shot the ironwills out to 60 yards with the vanes in the correct position and they flew like darts.
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    Update #2: I shot the 4 fletch AAE arrow with the Ironwill out front and it flew perfect and hit right where my 20 pin is at 20. I went back to 30 and it flew great and hit right where my 30 pin was. Problem seems to be solved, I'm going to shoot out to about 60 on Sunday to verify that there...
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    So shoot a bare shaft with an Ironwill on front and see what it does? If it flys well then I know it is something with my fletching?
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    UPDATE: So I switched from my Bohning Blazer 3 fletch to an AAE Max Stealth 3 fletch and it corrected the crazy flight. It appears my Blazer vanes were hitting the roller guard when executing the shot. The only problem now is that my broadheads are grouping about 8 inches low at 20 yards...
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    The arrows are 3 fletched straight. I don't have any helical. I've spun them and they spin great. Bow is paper tuned great as well.
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    Ironwill Broadhead Tuning?

    So I have always shot Ironwill Broadheads and they always fly like darts. I bought a new bow this year and I can't figure out why my broadheads are flying so poorly. First my set up is as follows: A Mathews V3 31 with a 28.5" draw at 70 lbs. Shooting Easton 5mm FMJ's 340 spine that are 27" and 3...
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    What’s your mantra/process before the shot?

    Anchor, Level, Accept the movement of the pin, repeat in my head "aim, aim, aim" over and over until the shot breaks loose.
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    Wyoming draw?...

    I drew region C. Will be out there for the archery opener!
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    First year Archery Antelope

    Extend your effective range and hope you don't need to use it.
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    Archery Goat Outiftters in AK??

    I am probably about 4 years out from when I would like to go on a mountain goat hunt in Alaska. I have started to research outfitters but COVID shutting down all the Expos really made that difficult to soley do online. Does anyone have any experience on an archery mountain goat hunt with an...
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    How crazy will CO Archery OTC be 2021?

    Nope. Made some great memories though
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    A Comical Tale of a DIY Elk hunt

    I thought I'd share the story of my first Elk hunt that me and my buddy went on last year. This story takes place in an OTC unit in Colorado the first 6 days of the archery season of 2020. My friend, Zach, and I arrived in Colorado two days before the opening day of archery elk season to...