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    Antelope Outfitter Recommendations

    I stayed in Town. Plenty of hotels. I stayed at Ramkota and will next year as well. I had a great time on this hunt.
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    What hunt doesn’t interest you?

    I have no interest in Africa as well as sheep or goats.
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    Scope ring bubble level recommendations

    I haven’t had any issues but anything hanging off your rifle can catch something eventually.
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    New Rifle?

    I have a Bergara HMR Pro in 6.5 CM and it shoots amazingly well. Consistent 1/4 moa or less with occasion 1/8” groups. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another Bergara.
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    Scope ring bubble level recommendations

    I have the MK Machining low profile billet levels on 3 of my rifles and like them better than anything else I’ve tried or have seen.
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    Antelope Outfitter Recommendations

    I would highly recommend Sweetwater guides They guide in some units requiring zero points. They were highly recommended to me and I was highly impressed with them. Shot my first Antelope this past Oct. with them 8:30 the first morning. Wish I had a deer tag as we saw 2...
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    2021 Best Whitetail Photo Contest, sponsored by First Lite

    Not a monster but a nice IN 8 pt.
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    Antelope hunting Wyoming 113-2 near Kaycee

    I was there then as well and it was gorgeous weather. Crazy how Mother Nature can be!
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    Wyoming Public Land Antelope

    Awesome goat!
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    Another Wyoming Public Land Antelope

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    WTB WTB 6.5 PRC Brass

    Thanks. I was able to find some Lapua though.
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    WTB WTB 6.5 PRC Brass

    Looking for 50-100 pcs of ADG or Lapua preferably but open to whatever I can get.
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    First antelope down

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    Wyoming Unit 26 Success

    Good luck! Talked to a guy last week staying at the same hotel I was at that took an 84” out of 26 last year. 2nd biggest WYOGA Antelope from 2020.
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    Wyoming Unit 26 Success

    Congrats on a successful hunt!