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    TSS for turkeys?

    Ive shot relatively inexpensive LongBeard XR the last couple years in my 12ga and its a great load in almost any gun. This year i got the itch to try a 20ga and decided to go with TSS. Just got done patterning and with a $40 carlsons choke the 20ga is a easy 50+ yard gun. I think my 40yard...
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    Thunder chickens!!!

    Heading to TN in a week to hunt some public land birds. First time down there but my hopes are high. Then a spot i have hunted in KY 2 weeks after that, and finally my home state of OH opens April 22nd. Going to be a busy spring! Good luck to everyone!
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    Buying kettlebells advise

    Fringe sport has some sales from time to time. i have a couple of theirs and they are fine. I have 15, 25 and 35lb ones. I normally just use them for light stuff since i have a rack and barbell weights now.
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    Range Finder

    My Leupold 1200 has been good for the last 3 years. Red lighted reticle and angle comp with the model i have. A big step above the $250 ones IMO.
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    Energy mix when hunting

    Ive tried the MTN OPS stuff and its ok but too pricey since they ditched the sales. I only drink water daily, but i use Kroger brand water flavor packets. Some of the ENERGY ones contain 160mg of caffeine, which when mixed with one that doesnt contain caffeine, is just the right amount for me...
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    Phelps Turkey Calls and 2019 Turkey Trips

    Ive been using woodhaven mouth calls and Halloran glass. Im always up for trying new gear though. As far as trips i want to hit 2-3 states plus my home state of OH. Its a little tough being that i have to travel in my own state to get on good numbers of birds but i do what i can. Prob end...
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    Pillow recommendations

    Sea to Summit Aeros Premium is what ive run the last few years. Works good for me.
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    Slug Barrel for Turkey Shot

    I cant see how a turkey load would pattern well out of that barrel. Typically slug barrels have less constriction, which doesnt lend itself to good patterns at longer range.
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    Turkey hunting tips

    I think scouting is way under utilized for turkeys. Just like most animals, they have habits. If you figure that out your WAY ahead of the game. I have been watching a lot of the Pinhoti project with Dave Owens lately on youtube, that guy can kill turkeys! Its not super informational, but...
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    Insoles for Crispi

    I have the same ones in my Idaho's, they make a huge difference for me. Not the cheapest insole but worth it for my feet.
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    New from Ohio

    Welcome! Lots of good info here to help us Ohio guys head west.
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    Sitka Ascent Pants 38

    Sold Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sitka Ascent Pants 38

    Lowered to 85tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Sitka Ascent Pants 38

    Older but lightly used pair of ascent pants. Looking for $95tyd Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Left Handed Bowtech RealmX

    Got this as a backup right before my elk trip but never actually used it while hunting. This bow is in great shape. Adjustable DL, 60-70lbs. Looking to sell bare bow for $730, or we can work out a deal if you want some of the items pictured. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk