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    Has anyone used both the Scarpa r-evolution k 8 HD and the Crispi Thor II GTX? I am specifically looking at flex of each. I know the Thor’s are a 4 on their website but I can’t seem to find a rating for the r-evolutions. I am torn between both of these boots and cannot find much comparing them...
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    Kifaru Stryker XL + Camp Bag

    I am interested in using a roll-top dry bag with my Stryker XL. I want to use it the same as if I was using the Kifaru camp bag with the Stryker but I want something with a larger capacity, roughly 100 liters. (Picture attached for reference) My thoughts are if I use the roll-top bag I gain the...
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    Alps Commander Frame Upgrade Idea

    I have an Alps Outdoorz Commander X Frame and pack available if anyone is interested. In great condition. Only used for one elk hunt and walking around the neighborhood to train.
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    Mathews Quiver Spacers

    A lot of the time you can find parts similar to that at a hardware store. Spacers and things like that. Even if you can’t, You can make your own. Sometimes cheaper and a better solution than what the manufacture offers. I needed a 5/16-24x4 socket set screw for my stabilizer and weight setup...
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    Cheap Stuff that Works

    Alps Outdoorz Commander X pack and frame. Typically you pay 6-700 dollars for a pack the comes with less stuff included than this pack. I used it elk hunting in Idaho and it worked great. Little on the small side for a 10 day backpack hunt but I made it work. I am actually looking to sell mine...
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    Question about Peep Rotation

    Take it back in. Most shops when they sell you a new bow or install a new string (I don’t care what you say, all string companies strings stretch/twist a little) will have you shoot 100+ shots the. Come back in to adjust the peep twist and paper tune the bow.
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    Longest kill shot

    That’s a good experience to have with your son!
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    Post per page?

    Even if they allowed 20 per page that would be nice.
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    12" rear bar?

    So Brandon McDonald has a video on specifically this. He is a YouTube creator who is a big hunter with IMO the best content out there. He uses a 15” front bar and a 12” back bar from Cutter Stabilizers. I have the 12” and LOVE IT! It all comes down to weight and your specific setup. Brandon elk...
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    Knife Sharpening

    I have used the Lansky hand held sharpener on all of my knives. Love it. I think it’s around $45 depending on where you get it.
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    Handheld release and rangefinder operation

    So I guess this comes down to preference and style. I topically leave my release hanging on my d-loop or I have it in a pocket on my Bino harness. I think the later would work best for you since most tension have only a hook and will fall off the loop. If you go with a silverback from Nock On...
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    Whitetail pants

    I like the Sitka equinox pant. If you wear a Marino base layer and those pants, I have taken them to late season in Michigan. That’s about 30-45 degrees depending on the day.
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