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    WTS Bob Dustrude Folding Buck Saw 24"

    Excellent condition, very little use hence why I'm selling it. I still think it is the best option out there for a packable bucksaw, I just don't need a saw this big very often. I sanded the handle a bit to make it smoother (the assembly instructions printed/stamped on the handle are a bit faded...
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    WTS Tripods--Slik Sprint Mini, Slik Sprint Pro, Sirui T-025SK

    First up, my well-used and loved Slik Sprint Mini GM. It's been used a lot and it has the wear to show it but it has no damage or issues. Functions perfectly. Comes with SBH-100 ball head. Great first tripod if you're on a budget. I'd like to get $50 shipped for it. SOLD Second, a Slik Sprint...
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    WTS First Lite Corrugate Guide Pants Cipher, Medium

    They're in great shape, I only used them a few times this past season. No damage. Just washed them in Nikwax tech wash. Would like to get $100 shipped for these. SOLD
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    WTS Ultralight hammock camping gear

    PM sent re: underquilt
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    WTS First Lite pants and balaclava, Kuiu jacket, Outdoor Research gloves

    First up, First Lite Corrugate pants. Medium, regular inseam length. Cipher. Excellent condition. I wore them a few times but decided I preferred the solid tan color. I just washed them in Nikwax Tech Wash. I'd like to get $120 shipped for these. Next, First Lite Tundra Balaclava. Fusion. Great...
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    "Anchoring" Shots

    Sounds like there are more than a few people who use the shoulder shot with good success. The next potential issue I see with it is its effect on meat quality. Correct me if I'm wrong here but from what I understand, a big part of meat quality is ensuring that there isn't too much blood in it...
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    "Anchoring" Shots

    What was the end result?
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    "Anchoring" Shots

    I would be willing to accept some meat damage if it increased the chances of a quick, ethical kill significantly. I suppose a more specific question that Ron C. more or less answered is "how reliable are shoulder shots in putting an animal down quickly with minimal movement from the site of the...
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    "Anchoring" Shots

    200 yards (nearest tree was ranged at 212), broadside/slightly quartering away. Shot with a 6.5 Creedmoor 130 gr. Barnes TSX. Here's a pic of the largest spot of blood I found, within 10 yards of where the deer was standing when shot. I'm pretty sure my shot was a little bit high, maybe halfway...
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    "Anchoring" Shots

    Long story short, I'm curious about the idea of shooting for the shoulder rather than the heart and lungs. Seems like I've seen articles on this every once in a while and there are some folks out there that advocate it. The most recent article I saw that discusses "anchoring shots" specifically...