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    Stiffer western hunting boots on a budget

    I've had GREAT luck with La Sportiva's "Glacier" boot. (Go to Glacier's website and search under their "mountaineering boots" and you'll find them.) I'm extremely hard on footwear, and the Glacier is all I buy now for the past 12 yers -- usually have 2 pair at any given time and they serve as...
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    Your Rifle of Choice? [Poll]

    Another Savage 99 fan here. Started hunting with a 99f in .308 right at 45 years ago. A lot of rifles have come and gone since then, but that 99 is still my favorite.
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    WTS FS -- TC Icon Precision Hunter -- 6.5 Creedmoor -- $1000 OBO

    I'll update this a bit to answer two common questions I've been getting. -- TC made these barrels with a 1:8 twist -- I WILL INCLUDE these rings (1" Steel Leupold Mark 4 tactical rings) with the rifle at that price; these rings provide a 1/8" inch clearance between the 50 mm objective of this...
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    WTS FS -- TC Icon Precision Hunter -- 6.5 Creedmoor -- $1000 OBO

    LOL. Yeah, they get a little funny about things like that once in a while.
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    WTS FS -- TC Icon Precision Hunter -- 6.5 Creedmoor -- $1000 OBO

    It's time to sell my Thompson Center Icon Precision Hunter chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor. The rifle is stock -- laminated varmint style stock, 22" heavy contour fluted barrel, 5R rifling, and integral bases. There were not a lot of the Precision Hunters made by TC, and the 6.5CM in particular was...
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    SHOT Show Report, Day 2, from Camera Land

    Doug -- thanks for the updates! Do you see GPO expanding their reticle offerings at all for the GPO-TAC or Passion 6x/8x lines?
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    Maven sales?

    They had a Christmas sale (I picked up my second pair of Maven binos for 20% off this past Christmas) so I know they do occasional sales, but I think they are fairly rare. I believe their Demo optics are always 10% of the normal price for stock items, so that's another consideration.
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    Raised Cheek Piece -- Savage 99

    Nice! Aside from being pretty unique and cool rifles, they seem to inspire more of a sense of nostalgia/history and personal attachment among hunters than most other rifles I'm familiar with.
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    Scope recommendation for 6.5 Creedmore

    Do you plan to twist turrets for distance, or use the reticle for holdover shots?
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    Raised Cheek Piece -- Savage 99

    Not too much of a backstory. My first rifle was a .308 99f that my Dad handed down to me in 1972, and it's been my favorite rifle to shoot ever since. When I taught my daughter (now 13) to shoot 4 years ago, we pulled various rifles out of the gun safe to play with, and she latched onto my 99...
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    ISE Denver Optics Exhibitor Updates

    That seems like a pretty limited mag range??? I'm guessing (hoping) the upper end is a bit higher.
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    Raised Cheek Piece -- Savage 99

    One of the things on my list of "to do" items now for a while has been to find a raised cheek piece to install on my Savage 99 "project rifle" to raise the comb to a height where my eye naturally lines up with the scope. I couldn't find a leather one that looked/functioned like I wanted it to...
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    TC Icon Precision Hunter -- 6.5 Creedmoor

    I'm pondering selling this thing. I've have had it for 5 years. Between the original owner and myself, there are less than 300 rounds thru it. I've shot 0.3 MOA groups with it three or four different times using 2 different sets of factory ammo in it. It's 100% stock and by far the most accurate...
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    First buck

    My daughter (now 13) has hunted nearly step-for-step with me for each of the last 5 deer seasons, carrying her own rifle beginning last season. We don't really start most years until early Nov, so she's endured some pretty ugly N. Idaho weather and hiking conditions w/o complaint. The payoff...