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    10x56 SLCs

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    10x56 SLCs

    Has anyone spent time behind this glass?
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    Chest freezer in my truck

    I did this for a Wyoming hunt a few years ago. I see it was already mentioned, but do make sure the top cannot open with bumps and turn the chest so the lid closes with the wind. Other than that it worked great. You can even pack some frozen milk jugs in the chest to ensure you are still golden...
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    WTB WTB Seek Outside Redcliff

    Do you still have this?
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    WTB Cimarron W/ Stove

    Weekend bump.
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    WTS Sitka Timberline Pant

    Still available?
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    WTS Exped Downmat XP 9 LW

    I’ll do $125.
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    3 New Hunting Hot Tents from Luxe 2019

    I have researched the twin peak to the end of the earth! It looks like a great tent. I ended up holding off because I wanted something a little smaller. I’m currently looking at a Cimmaron and stove. If you’re interested in selling your old set up, pm me.
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    WTB Cimarron W/ Stove

    I’m currently looking for a good deal on a cimarron and stove. Feel free to PM me if you have one you want to go to a good home!
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    Sold Titanium cylinder stove

    I’m interested. PM sent.
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    Titanium Wood Stove Options

    I’m looking at this exact setup. How far are you usually hiking in with this setup?
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    3 New Hunting Hot Tents from Luxe 2019

    Can you tell me about your experience with the megahorn? Are you able to backpack it in?
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    Luxe Tipis

    I have a mega horn sitting in the cart right now. Can you tell me we’re you able to back pack in with this tent or were you using this primarily by the truck?