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  • Had a fun morning. I was able to put a solid stock on a heavy 3x4. I was within 90 yards and a jeep going on and down the wash bumped. The buck was rutting two doe. Saw 6 other doe and that was it. Back at it tonight 👍
    Hi there,

    My name is Jason. I recently followed your thread hunt in 43A. Great read and fun to follow. I hunted 36B a couple wks back and saw some respectable bucks but passed. i was supposed to be headed back that way this wknd but don’t have the time frame to get there so I’m going to give 43A a shot. I’ve never hunted this area other than some herpetogoly stuff. I was wondering if you’d possibly throw a few recommendations my way on this unit. I have 2 days here. Either way, I’m stoked to be out here and feel fortune to hunt this beautiful land.

    Hope you’ve had a great hunt year and keep up the great posts.

    - Jason
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