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    6.5 PRC powder

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    Price no option, Best Muzzleloader?

    I wish I would've bought the Remington 700 when they were available. I settled on a Encore Pro Hunter. It's good for 500 yards with me behind it. But that's only because I "volume confirmed" a powder charge and now weight those out and some what sort for consistency. Being honest the components...
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    Elk down in UT

    Glad you tagged out. Good job on the trad set up. Utah where I hunt has been so wet. Been on 2 spikes for a few days and can't close the deal. I'd go around bugling at night locating bulls and realized the rut has started. My last morning the spikes were kicked out and bulls took over. I was...
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    Crispi sizing

    I think the Lap is very close. I normally get a lil bigger on my crispi boots cause the toe tends to be more narrow for my feet than normal boots. But the Lap seemed wider than my Colorados or my other pair of crispi. With that said, get the reg size you would wear in other boots and you will...
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    Friendly reminder for those hunting in the wet conditions

    Things ALWAYS in my Pack for Utah mountains or AZ desert... Rain top light and packable Small silnet tarp light and packable trek poles emerg kit surv kit (lighter pyro putty etc) Headlamp Nalgene bottle 16 oz
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    Autotrickler alternative?

    It just couldn't trickle certain powders efficiently at all. Even with the straw and a 3d printed cone and all them lil tricks. It handled 4350 & H1000 ok. It hated all the N500 series powders. It like 8133 and Retumbo as well. But sometimes it would take 6 days to trickle that last kernel and...
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    Autotrickler alternative?

    I have had both of these and the CM lite is terrible. I have turned that thing off accidently 20 times. The power button is located in the worst possible location. I would have over charges 40% of time with big kernels like N570 and realistically about 20% with H4350. The CM lite only rain for...
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    Autotrickler alternative?

    I have the Match master and will say it is every bit as accurate as the V4 I have. It can be complicated to program if you choose to go down that route. I just use the standard settings. It is slower than the V4, but a great scale. I have mine for sale :) I have another V4 on the way and...
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    Sold WTS Western Mountaineering Kodiak bag

    I have this exact bag and used in a high elevation winter hunt. Nothing better Sent from my SM-G986U using Tapatalk
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    It’s cooling off in the mtns!

    opener is Sat, heading up tomorrow. Already set up base camp. No cams this year from work and new law in Utah. By the time I could set one it was too close to the opener to make it worth it. I know where all the bulls are but I need a spike or cow for my tag. So I am abondoning my known areas...
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    New Zeiss Bino—SFL 10x40–Review

    Yea no reason to have a bulky adapter now a days. I like the Aziak because it is same idea as Arca rails. Even on my reloading press Arca rails are the new thing for accessory attachments. Slimline, quick and durable.
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    New Zeiss Bino—SFL 10x40–Review

    Been using their adapter for over a year now. I really like it. Even on the tighter AGC rig which is kindo of small compared to the Marsupial. No issues in and out. The attachment works great even in the Az Desert winds and dust. Never noticed movement caused by them. Super fast in and out.
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    LabRadar Lite
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    LabRadar Lite

    "external trigger" that plugs into the port below the battery plug in port. Then it attaches to your gun, bow, or whatever you are tracking. You have to go into menu of LR and change the source I believe it is to allow this. I have zero missed readings with this trigger.
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    I don't like the idea of camping all alone

    you just keep crunchin' them numbers bro