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    Keeping furry critters out of floorless shelters

    Toadmeister... That is what I meant by removing "smellies" from where I am. All critters will come check out the "new thing" in their play ground, but only the ones with reasons to stay , will. But even still, they all have curious cousins. It's all part of the process when you're out in...
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    Keeping furry critters out of floorless shelters

    I always pitch my tipi tight. When condensation is high, a quick light of the stove takes care of that. Also pitching it away from grass when possible. I solo hunt solo so condensation is rarely an issue. With that said, critters are part of the floorless game. I have never had the bigger...
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    Shot process time?

    In comps, my process is about 10 seconds. In hunting scenario, it depends on the situation. I shoot when the best opportunity for a good shot presents itself.
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    Optimum Spine and Arrow Flight

    Also if you play with the "mark" settings, you will see your FPS change. So you can mess with that input data until your FPS matches what the data box says. Just hit "recalculate each time you change the "mark" data.
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    Optimum Spine and Arrow Flight

    You can put anything in there, it isn't needed for your set up. You are not using a target sight with "clicks" so you don't need that info. You will just print out a sight tape, and not use the sights provided scale with "click" marks as yours doesn't have those. Just set up your data...
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    Optimum Spine and Arrow Flight

    are you shooting a competition style sight? If not the sight marks aren't necessary
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    Punched myself today!

    how did you get a burr on the inside area of your release jaw?
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    Nock tuning don't forget to do it!

    The bigger issue with the nocks is to ensure the throats are the same. An arrows POI will vary much more from a tighter or looser nock, than one a few grains heavier or lighter. Never glue in nocks. If they are loose, simply "bag them", which is using a plastic bag around the nock shaft that...
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    How do you carry your inreach?

    Pods8 made me a slick holster that attaches to my AGC harness. That way it is protected but always on me.
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    Christensen or Fierce?

    It was around $3k. I am a local (within 50 miles) so I drove to the new place. I have been to the old place 2 times. I can say this: It appears they are gearing up to do more of the work, "in house". They did not tell me this, but when I toured the shop floor, I saw a lot of machinery that...
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    Fierce 28 Nosler in Fusion

    I have the Fierce in 300 RUM as well, with Talleys, and never had and issue, though I only have 60 rounds thru it. With that said, on my 28, I opted for the rail. I'll keep an eye on the talleys- thx. I have not measured anything myself yet. I really need to. I haven't even bought the...
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    Fierce 28 Nosler in Fusion

    agree. It is the thickness of the casing wall that is under spec. So the expansion is excessive, even at deluded powder charge. Again, to be open and transparent, this is what Fierce Arms told me, and it's not an isolated case. I am getting new ammo and will verify. Once I have decent...
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    Fierce 28 Nosler in Fusion

    168 gr Nosler factory load