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    WTB Knight tk2000

    Still looking, thanks
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    WTB Knight tk2000

    Looking to buy a knight tk2000 muzzleloading shotgun. Thanks
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    WTB Encore 209x12 gauge barrel

    Looking to buy a 209x12 gauge barrel for tc encore, please let me know if you have one for sale. Thanks
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    Leather Sling Recommendation

    Not really customizable, but my preference for a leather sling is a Montana gun sling.
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    2021 Turkey Meat Pole

    Southern Illinois bird from last week.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks, you guys have successfully talked me out of snake boots.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks. Think I’ll just go the gaiter route.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Thanks. I’m also looking at the turtle skins, they cost about the same as what the snake boots would with 50% off. I’ve never worn snake boots, but after some research I’m thinking gaiters might be best for walking in the hills all day.
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    Danner snake boots?

    Anyone have any experience with Danner snake boots? I’ve got a 50% off Danner coupon, figured it’s not a bad idea to get some snake boots for turkey hunting.
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    Dedicated deer shotgun

    Savage 220, I shoot the Winchester partition golds
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    Buy once cry once shotgun for water fowl

    Mark me down as another vote for Benelli SBE
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    First deer

    Congrats! First ones the toughest.